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The 9Round fitness blog started in December if 2009. It was started as a way to help inform our fans of special events, new 9Round openings and most importantly fitness tips. There are many blog posts that feature our favorite workouts to help you get the best results possible. At 9Round we want to help you stay fit and healthy, and our blog is a way to give everyone, not just our members, tips and facts on how to start getting or remain fit and healthy. In our blog we are able to address many of the questions our members may bring to us and distribute this information to the public. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

The authors of our blog are all fitness fanatics who would like to motivate everyone to get up and get fit. They are all professional and work for 9Round. The founder of 9Round Shannon Hudson and his wife Heather Hudson are two of the featured authors on our blog. If you are looking for the best fitness tips on the web you have come to the right place. We hope you enjoy your visit, and we can guarantee that you will learn new ways to improve your fitness routine to help you reach your fitness goals.