Micah "the Machine" Bernardey
Micah Bernardy is 9Round Arlington's trainer that has 13 years' experience in Jujitsu and received his black belt in 2010! When he graduated high school he developed a passion for physical fitness. He learned through trial and error how to become successful in fitness and nutrition lifestyle. Micah currently attends Revive Church in Arlington and volunteers with the children's ministry. His current goal is to spread his knowledge and experience to others so they may achieve their fitness goals!
Jesse "the Javelin" Milburn
Jesse Milburn is one of 9Round Arlington’s NASM certified trainers. Jesse grew up in Arlington, Texas with his parents and older sister. He attends and is very active at Revive Church. Jesse realized at a young age how much he loves everything physical from his beginnings in sports including, but not limited to: baseball, football, and track which led him to truly realize his passion for fitness, nutrition, and self-improvement. He believes that fitness and nutrition play vital roles in a healthy lifestyle and he can’t wait to help you reach any, and all of your fitness goals! Stop on in and meet Jesse today!
Brenden "the Dragon" Monreal
Brenden Monreal is another trainer at 9Round Arlington that has a passion for fitness! Brenden played football, basketball, and ran track in high school. He won state in track and was also an assistant track coach. Brenden found his passion for fitness and physical health towards the end of high school and has been striving towards his goals ever since. Brenden sets high personal goals for himself such as becoming a fireman, competing in bodybuilding, coach again, and to get people as enthusiastic as he is about fitness!