9Round Fitness - A Complete Kickboxing Workout With NO CLASS TIMES

Our personal trainers take your workout to the next level. Amazing Results!

9Round is a specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers traditional "old school" boxing and kickboxing fitness programs that incorporate functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of  a proprietary system of 9 challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter. 9Round delivers total body results in a quick and convenient 30 minute workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way.

We know that time is money. That's why the convenience of a circuit is so important. You start your workout whenever you want - morning, afternoon, or evening.

Each of the 9 rounds is different, challenging, and fun. From learning how to jump rope to hitting the speed bag, you will never get bored. The 30 minutes will be over before you know it.

Our members can't stop saying, "This is the Best workout I have ever had." That's because you will work every muscle in your body simultaneously, with no complicated machines or silly aerobic routines

The best part is a trainer is with you every step of the way to motivate and push you so you see results FAST!!


9Round Kickboxing and Fitness Franchises Available!

Whats Included With Your Membership
Trainer Included
Trainer Included
Because our workout changes every day, you will have a 9Round Certified Trainer to instruct and motivate you each and every workout.
Unlimited Workouts
Unlimited Workouts
With your membership you will have access to unlimited workouts. We recommend starting with 3 workouts per week, however, you are welcome to come more.
Kickboxing Gloves
9Round Gloves
You will receive 9Round Gloves which will allow you to hit as hard as you want without the risk of injury.
Nutrition Guide
Nutrition Guide
You will also have access to our 9Round Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Rick Kattouf. You will learn the 4 principles that will help you burn body fat and build lean muscle.
Hand Wraps
Hand Wraps
You will also receive 9Round Hand Wraps for wrist support and comfort. Don't worry, our trainers will teach you how to wrap your hands in no-time.
Nutritional Support
Nutritional Support
Got a nutrition question? You will receive direct access to Dr. Kattouf through the Online 9Round Nutrition Forum to get the answers you need.
9 Stations
9Round Station #1 - #3
Stations "1 - 2"
Stations 1 and 2 consist of “STRENGTH BUILDING”. You will use Dumb Bells, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Jump Ropes, and other equipment to build strength and stamina.
9Round Station #3 - #8
Stations "3 - 8"
Stations 3-8 are where the real FUN begins. You will strike a variety of bags including 100lb Heavy Bags to build power, double end bags to increase hand eye coordination and timing, and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.
9Round Station #9
Station "9"
Station 9 is dedicated to the core. We want to get you as strong as possible and the CORE is the key. Besides all the other kicking and punching that you will be doing, we dedicate a full station to strengthening the most important part of your body.
Before / After
Joanne M.
"I initially came to 9 Round Fitness to purchase a membership for my teenage daughter. I did the workout with her and was shocked at how out of shape I was! I decided to join and I am thrilled with my results. Even though the workout was tough, I actually found myself looking forward to going to work out (and still do 7 months later). That is something that has never happened, EVER! I can honestly say I love my work out! Each week I have felt stronger and stronger. I have more stamina and I have lost weight and inches consistently. I haven't felt this strong or healthy in years. I have lost 27 pounds and have more energy now than I have had in a long, long time. I love that I come in, work hard for 30 minutes and that's it, I'm done. My workout is planned out for me every day and is different each day. I have a personal trainer guiding me at each workout. Also, there is no set time to work out. I come in when it's convenient for me. They even offer a nutritional plan. It really is a no brainer and so worth it."
Time Lost
27 lbs.
Michelle M.
My name is Michelle McCubbin. I am a member of the 9Round in Liberty, Missouri. I started 9Round in late March 2013. I started my 9Round journey at 350 pounds and am now currently down 130 pounds. A HUGE part of that is due to 9Round. Thank you for giving people the option to change their lives. I'm not done yet, but I now have the confidence to know that I can finish what I've started!
Time Lost
1 Year 130
Lindsey P.
At the beginning of 2013...a couple friends of mine talked me into going with them to the new 9Round that had opened in our town. I'm guessing they thought it would be a great stress reliever. Well, they were right. Once I started, I haven't stopped since. 9Round had become such a blessing. It has helped me in so many ways. The people there have always been very kind and supportive. I had started to become me again, not just on the outside, but the inside. I have started to gain my self confidence, esteem, and self worth back with every step. At this point I have lost a total of 90lbs. and still working at it! My life would definitely not be the same with out my 9Round!!!!!
Time Lost
Amber T.
Being a working professional and owning my own business, time is limited for me to fit in a workout. But 9Round makes it so simple! In and out in 30 minutes works so well into my schedule! Not to mention, in the 5 months I have been coming, I have lost over 30 pounds and lost inches all over! I have never had results from a gym like these. Slaving away in the gym for hours 5 days a week never gave me the same results as the 30 minutes 3-5 days a week at 9Round. I will NEVER go back to a regular gym again!
Time Lost
4 months 30 lbs.
Billy T.
"What I love most about my 9R workouts is how diverse and challenging they are. Each workout pushes my exertion point further than anything I have ever done inside a typical gym. I have lost a total of 56 lbs since joining 9Round. I am losing weight and rapidly approaching my target weight. I am stronger than ever and I am able to push myself harder and longer than I was back in October. I can also see a major difference in my clothes and muscle tone. I have, would and will recommend 9Round to my friends and family. My fiance has already joined after seeing my results".
Time Lost
56 lbs.
Heather S.
I joined 9round in Feb 2011 with my friends. What I didn’t know was that it was going to change my life so much. I lost 20 lbs in the first 4 months. It has become an addiction. In Jan 2013, I started the 9Round Nutrition program and have lost another 13 lbs, so far. The trainers are incredible and motivating. No other gym has ever offered as much support and motivation as 9Round has, and no other gym has kept my attention for this long. I know when I walk in the doors I will be challenged and I walk out having had the best workout I could ever imagine! I look forward to getting my work out every day!
Time Lost
4 months 20 lbs.
Troy B.
As many Americans, I have struggled with my weight. In 2009 I achieved my goal of losing 75 pounds. I felt great! Over the following 2 years I found myself still struggling to keep the weight off. My wife and I joined 9Round in January of 2012. 9Round sparked an excitement to work out and we were addicted. We could see results quickly and knew 9Round was the missing link that we needed. I was able in a few months to lose the weight I had regained and have been able to keep if off. I have achieved fitness goals that I never even knew were possible. Thank you 9Round for creating an amazing workout that has brought excitement and joy into my life.
Time Lost
1 Year 75 lbs.
Christy M
9Round is more than just another gym. The trainers have really made a difference in helping me reach my goals. They give me the personal attention to push me past my comfort zone, to try new things, and push my body to do things I didn't think I was able to do. I also have thyroid problems which cause me to gain weight so the trainers keep encouraging me and help me to get the weight back off when I have a setback. 9Round has improved my strength, stamina and confidence. I never get bored with it because every day is different.
Amanda C.
When I joined 9Round I had a 10 week old infant. I had gained 35 lbs during pregnancy on top of the 10 lbs gained from getting married! In my first month at 9Round I lost 6 inches! I was officially an addicted member!! I finally found a workout that was fun, different, and WORKED! The awesome trainers encouraged me, helped me understand how to eat clean, and pushed me every single day. I have lost a total of 25 lbs and 38 total inches. Amazing! I am not finished with my 9Round story, but am well on my way to having the body I have always wanted, and I WILL have it!
Time Lost
1 Year 25 lbs. 16 Inches
Ken R.
The day it became obvious to me that I was overweight, is when I bent over, struggling to tie my shoes...and i was gasping for a breath of air...I weighed 302 lbs. So, I started eating healthier. My niece was going to 9Round and she kept telling me to come try it out. I was a little leery...afraid of having a heart attack! I finally went with her and that morning I became a member of 9Round! Since then, the weight has come off faster. I look forward to my visits to 9Round. Without 9Round in my life now I would not look the way I do today! Get fit, never hit! Thanks.
Time Lost
1 Year Down 110 lbs
There is no doubt in my mind that 9Round has changed my life! I feel great, I'm full of energy, and day by day my confidence is rising! Not to mention the drastic change I have seen in my physical appearance in just 60 days (23 pounds and 6 inches off my waist). I'm so thankful to 9Round for pushing and motivating me. They have believed in me from the very beginning even when I didn't believe in me. I look forward to many more sweaty days in the gym!! :)
Time Lost
60 Days 23 lbs and 6 inches
Primes W. 37 years old
3 years ago I reached my highest weight of 284 lbs. I spent years as a fitness buff and high school running back at about 180 lbs, only to end up on a weight roller coaster with the same 60 lbs up and down. I found myself out of shape and at the end of my physical rope at 34 years old and suddenly having heart issues. Well, that was enough for me.. I found a gym doing non contact kickbox fitness and changing lives called 9Round Fitness and after years of struggling I found something that would finally work for me and motivate me.. I also changed how I ate and BAM! Here I am.. 37 years old, father of 3, 197 lbs.
Mathew M.
As someone who’s always struggled with my weight my entire life, I’ve tried many different ways to lose weight. One day I happened to walk by 9Round and one of the owners convinced me to give it a try. I love that 9Round feels like I’m going to have fun and not that I'm going to work out. Everyone is so supportive and there isn't any judgment. The trainers and owners are simply amazing and they push me further than I ever thought I could. Amazingly, I'm only down 24 lbs, but the inches are melting off. In only my third month of 9Round, I've already dropped clothes sizes,and the difference in strength and balance is simply stunning. Joining 9Round was single handedly the best decision I've made to better myself and I can't imagine going to any other gym again.
Time Lost
24 lbs
Michelle F.
I have tried all attempts at weight loss. You name it, and I have tried it; including fad diets (South Beach, Atkins, 17 Day Diet, cleanses), programs that can be bought (such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Slim4Life), pyramid product sales (Advocare, Herbalife, Isagenix), even LapBand weight loss surgery (I was the 1% that had every complication imaginable, including pre-cancerous cells in my esophagus from vomiting 6-7 times per day. I had it put in July 2006 and was removed in an emergency procedure in July 2013. After years of battling this I decided to try the old fashioned "lifestyle change" and exercise. Guess what? It works! I met Clint and Kimberly at 9Round in Blue Springs when I went in to try my first workout for free, in January 2014. I joined that day and have since gone in to exercise 5-6 times per week. I LOVE IT THERE! I have also encouraged about 15 of my friends to join in this journey with me and they also LOVE it! The attached photo shows my first 12 weeks of progress. I am down 32.4 pounds and over 25 inches lost. The changes are slow and gradual but I feel like a new person! I still have a long way to go, but I owe a special thanks to Clint and Kimberly Kirkpatrick with 9Rounds for helping me to enjoy working out again and for making such an overwhelming process seem bearable!
Time Lost
4 months 32 lbs
Billy T.
When I started in October, I weighed about 295 pounds and this was after dropping 30 pounds throughout the first 9 months of 2012. As I moved forward into 2013, I was able to get access to the nutrition program that full membership at 9R offered. Much of the information I found was easier to implement than I thought, and thus my focus became on actually buying into the program as a whole. This was a major change in mindset from previous years, but I was tired of being obese and needed to make a serious change. I started going every day during my lunch hour, and while it was painful at first, I started noticing within just a couple of weeks significant increases in strength and weight loss. I made a commitment to go at least 5 times a week through March, and that’s when the first out of gym competition surfaced. There was a local Mud Run that 9R Clemson was advertising and they wanted to put together multiple teams to enter. This was a challenge for all of us, but it allowed a bond to be made between myself, 2 co-workers, and another member at 9R Clemson as he got paired with us.
Fitness FAQ’s

Do I need to be in shape before I start 9Round?

Absolutely not.  We love taking clients that have never worked out and getting them in the best shape of their life.  Our trainers will customize the workout just for your fitness level.  Some members start with 4 or 5 rounds and work up to all 9.

Do I need any Kickboxing experience?

No.  In fact, we love teaching new members.  That's our job.  Our trainers will stay with you every step of the way, so you are doing the techniques properly.

What equipment do I need?

The first time you try the workout we will let you borrow a pair of gloves.  If you decide to join the 9Round Nation you will get 9Round Gloves and Hand Wraps for safety and support.

What are the Hand Wraps for?

The Hand Wraps are designed to support the wrist making everything one unit, like a cast.  Also, the hand wrap will pad the knuckles and fill the space inside the glove, giving you a nice snug fit. Insurance does require you to wear them for safety.  Don't worry, our 9Round trainers will teach you how to wrap your hands in no time.

Am I too old for this workout?

We have members that are in their 70's.  Of course we customize the workout based on your fitness level.  We like to keep you sweating and smiling at 9Round.

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