Brain training games for mental fitness

Your brain is the nerve center of the entire body, and it tells your internal organs and muscles what to do. It's also where you feel emotions like joy or sadness. When it comes to your brain's health, it's important to constantly keep your mind stimulated. Through a variety of brain-related mental fitness activities, you can improve your memory and cognitive function. As you get older, your brain tends to shrink in size, so participating in brain training activities is even more important for memory health as you age. Everyone from kids to the elderly should do a variety of activities each day to keep their brains working optimally and continually challenged. Memory and other brain-related games can help you improve your overall brain fitness and function to help keep you alert and intelligent.

Brain Training and Cognitive Function

This web page discusses a study that was performed to test how brain training can improve a person's overall cognitive function. The site also has training activities you can try as well as more information about mental fitness.


This popular website has lots of fun games designed to keep your brain working at its optimum capacity. Read here to learn how they work together with scientists to develop some of the best, most effective brain training games.

Memory Exercises

Click here for some examples of exercises you can try to help improve your memory. Anyone from young children to adults can participate in memory training to help improve their ability to retain information.

Brain Games: Do They Really Work?

This article discusses the significance of playing brain games and why participating in them should be taken seriously to help preserve cognitive function.

Brain Trainer Game

This fun, free online game helps you work on your memory skills. It's ideal for adults and kids and simple to do. If played every day, you could see an improvement in your memory function over time.

Pay Attention

Test your memory and ability to pay attention by playing this online game where you'll be challenged to type in a series of numbers and letters in reverse order. You may choose your level of difficulty so you can progress later as your skills improve.


This game shows you a series of images, and then you'll need to determine which one was removed and replaced. It's a good way to practice your overall brain fitness and memory function.

Tom & Jerry Midnight Snack

Practice your brain's logical reasoning ability with this fun game involving the classic cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. It's a lot of fun for kids but adults can play as well as you test your brain's analytical ability to solve the puzzle.

5 Powerful Exercises to Increase Your Mental Strength

Your brain is not just focused on memory or cognitive function alone. Sometimes, the brain also needs to be trained to deal with handling emotions and certain difficulties. This article discusses five things you can do to "retrain" your brain to be more mentally fit and strong.

6 Brain Training Exercises for Children and Teens

Click here to read about six different ways parents can help train their children's brains to be more alert and functional through games and other techniques.

Reaction Time

This simple game tests your brain's reaction time to a simple command. Using your mouse, you'll click the stop button when commanded and your average reaction time will be tallied at the end of the game.

10 Ways to Cross-Train Your Brain

This article discusses ten simple ways you can work on your brain's overall function including playing games, learning new words, and even by looking at old photos.

The Stroop Effect Test

Play this challenging game to test your brain's mental flexibility. The goal is to click on the words that actually represent the color of the letters as well as their corresponding word to see just how well your mind functions.

The Senses Challenge

This fun, interactive game consists of twenty tasks designed to test your knowledge and ability to use your senses. It involves hand-eye coordination, sound recognition, color recognition, and much more.

Inside and Outside Game

Play this fun game to test your cognitive function by matching the same pictures displayed on the inner picture to the outer pictures. The goal is to see how fast you can recognize images and get the most accuracy.

Online IQ Test

Take this online test to see how your IQ stacks up through a series of true or false questions. When you're done, you can find out what your score means.

Musical Memory Game

Ideal for kids, this interactive online game lets players click on the lighted sections in order, repeating them as they are played. It's a great way to boost kid's memory skills while having a good time doing so.

Memory & Reasoning Exercise

In this simple fill-in-the-blank game, you'll be presented with proverbs from around the world. Complete the phrase to test your current memory as well as reasoning to be able to logically finish the sentence.

Logic Grab Bag Test

Answer these multiple choice questions to test your brain's ability to logically think things through. It's challenging, but will also encourage your mind to think about things in a more thorough way.

Meteor Multiplication

Designed by MENSA for kids, this game helps you test your skills and speed when it comes to multiplication.

Practical Reasoning Skills Riddles

Test your ability to practice practical reasoning with these fun riddles. Each one presents a problem and it's up to you to determine the answer, but the solution is also just a click away if you need it.

Memory Match Game

This classic memory game lets you virtually flip cards over until you find their match. Choose from a variety of themes like garden objects, birds, art, and more.

14 Weird Brain Exercises That Will Help You Get Smarter

Try some of the unique exercises on this list to test your brain's ability, and see if you actually notice a difference in your hand-eye coordination, logic, and ability to use the senses over time.

Recall Game

Click on the lighted balls in the correct order to see how well your short-term memory works. As the game progresses, it gets more challenging.

Double Fruit Game

This game is designed to test your own visual analysis by having you rapidly analyze different types of fruit as they come across the screen. The goal is to click on the matching fruit pieces as fast as possible to see how well your brain captures the images.