Exercises that will target different muscle groups

All too often, people become frustrated that they aren't seeing the results they want from their workouts. What many people don't know is that adding in some strength training to your regular routine can help. While cardiovascular exercises are crucial to your overall health and fitness level, it is just as important to incorporate some strength training into your fitness routine. Strength training reduces blood pressure, strengthens your bones, improves your balance, boosts your energy level, and even allows your body to burn calories while at rest. Another great benefit of strength training is that you are easily able to target specific muscle groups in your workouts.

Do you have strong legs but are looking to build your biceps? Perhaps you're happy with your upper body but trying to gain muscle in your quads. Either way, you're in luck: There are countless weight-training exercises out there that allow you to target specific muscle groups, so you can focus on the exact area you are looking to firm up or build. Don't get frustrated with the same old workout routines: Learn the proper exercises you can do to target the muscle group you want to see results in.

The major upper-body muscle groups include the chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, and the abdominal muscles. There are multiple exercises you can do to target each specific upper-body muscle group. Want to improve your chest muscles? Some good exercises for you include push-ups, dumbbell flies, dips, and using the chest press machine as well as the dumbbell bench press. Looking to build up your back? Cable rows and pull-ups can help to increase size and strength in the back muscles. If you're looking to target your shoulders, you should use the overhead barbell press and do dumbbell front raises. If you're trying to grow your triceps, close-grip and reverse-grip bench-presses and dips are probably your best bet. Looking to bulk up those biceps? Barbell curls, pull-ups, and chin-ups are some great exercises you should try. If you want to improve strength in your forearms, you should try wrist curls and towel pull-ups. If you're trying to strengthen your core, you could really benefit from mountain climbers, planks, crunches, and sit-ups. Attaining six-pack abs also requires regular cardiovascular workouts and maintaining a clean and healthy diet.

The major lower-body muscle groups consist of the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and the gluteus maximus. Just like with the upper body, there are countless different exercises you can do to work out each specific lower-body muscle group. If you're looking to enhance your quads, doing different kinds of squats, lunges, and leg extensions are all great ways to build up these muscles in the fronts of your thighs. Unfortunately, the hamstrings are all too often left out in leg training. In order to work these, try some lying leg curls and clean dead lifts. If you want to build up your calf muscles, you can try seated calf raises in addition to simply partaking in regular running, hiking, or even walking. If you need to work on your glutes, doing barbell and dumbbell lunges as well as squats are a great way to tone up.

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