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4 Rookie Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

Sep 26, 2019


9Round fighter name: check.
Gloves, hand wraps, and PULSE monitor: check.
Stylish athletic wear: check.
Energy and enthusiasm: check!


Now that you’ve got your workout essentials, you’re ready to start a new fitness routine and be on your way to improving your health! But, before you get ahead of yourself, here are four common mistakes to avoid to keep yourself on track to reach your fitness goals.


  1. Doing too much, too soon

Setting out on this new routine is exciting, and you’re probably feeling more motivated than ever! While it’s great that you’re ready to tackle your fitness goals head-on, it’s important to take things slow. Think back to when you learned to ride a bike as a kid; you probably started gradually, and eventually worked your way up until you could balance on the bike without using training wheels, right? Working out is no different, and you should let yourself gradually adjust to a regular exercise regimen when you are just starting out. Rushing your progress can lead to potential injuries, especially if you’re not giving yourself ample time to recover from a hard-hitting workout. We suggest that new 9Rounders aim to hit the gym three days a week, alternating their active “gym days” with a rest day in between. Moral of the story: don’t overdo it! It’s not worth the risk of feeling burnt out or potentially injuring yourself and bringing your entire fitness routine to a stop.


  1. Going in with unrealistic goals

An essential part of setting goals (and crushing them) is making sure you have realistic, attainable targets in mind. It sounds like a no-brainer, but, as someone who is new to the world of exercise, it could actually be harder than you think. If you’re seeking a drastic change in your health, be prepared for a realistic timeline to make progress. Real, sustainable changes to our bodies and our health take time. On the same note, your goals don’t have to be extreme; it’s okay to set goals on a smaller scale, because achievements of any level are a fundamental part of your fitness journey.


  1. Forgetting the importance of a support system

Ask yourself which people in your life will be there to encourage you to keep working toward your fitness goals, even when your self-motivation is low. If you’re in need of a few people to lean on, look no further than your 9Round family and those closest to you. Invite your BFF to your next workout for a gym date and cheer each other on! 9Round trainers are another resource that members can always rely on when they need a little extra encouragement to push themselves and win every round. No matter who it is you want in your corner, creating a support system that will help you push through pitfalls and know you’re not alone on your fitness journey is ultra-important!


  1. Not getting enough fuel – or, getting too much

When you decide to ‘get in shape,’ it means more than just adding regular amounts of exercise to your routine – it also means paying attention to the food you’re putting into your body. You’ve probably heard the common myth that if you exercise frequently, you can eat just about anything you want. However, poor nutritional habits can still sabotage your progress, even if you’re burning calories by working up a sweat on a regular basis. Remember to fuel your body the right way by staying hydrated and following a balanced diet. (You guessed it – that means eating your fruits and veggies and limiting junk food!) By opting for healthy meals and drinking enough water, you’ll feel more energized during workouts and make it through all nine rounds while feeling like a champion.