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6 Ways to Turn Your Family into a “Fit Fam”

Aug 27, 2019

Adults call it “exercise,” but kids call it “playing!” Fitness is beneficial for anyone at any age, and what’s better than combining quality time with your family and getting a killer workout at the same time? If you need a little help figuring out how to make fitness fun for the entire family, here are six ways to help your fam become stronger and healthier together!

1. Incorporate fitness into your kids’ lives while they’re young. It’s important to introduce an active lifestyle while your children are young because it can help promote healthy habits that they stick with, even into adulthood. In addition to creating healthy habits, physical and cognitive development go hand-in-hand, according to the American Council on Exercise [1]. By encouraging your kids to try out sports or activities that they’re interested in, they’ll be able to work on improving cognitive skills like hand-eye coordination and balance.

2. Plan to get active as a family. Instead of spending your weekends or free time sitting on the couch watching tv, take time to plan a family outing to the park for some fresh air and exercise – all you need is a soccer ball and a healthy picnic and you’re all set!

3. Ditch the screens. If you’ve got teenagers living under your roof, chances are, their smartphones or digital devices rarely leave their sides. While they might not be keen on ditching their phones for long, try encouraging them to set the electronics aside for an hour or two while you go for a short hike or jog in the park. Or, if they’re old enough to join you for a 9Round workout, they can get a glimpse into your fitness routine and forget all about using their phone. That is, until they finish all nine rounds and want to snap a selfie to show off their hard work!

4. If you can’t ditch the devices, use them to your advantage. For social media-obsessed teens, there are a few ways to switch the focus to fitness, with the help of their beloved technology. With fitness-related apps, they can use their smartphones to keep track of their physical activity or count their steps to earn virtual badges for exercise milestones. They can even share their achievements on social media to rack up tons of ‘likes’ from their friends and followers!

5. Lead by example. Kids naturally look up to their parents, so oftentimes, they want to do the same things as their mom or dad. Allow your actions to introduce fitness into their lives and take advantage of being able to exercise together, while also talking to them about the importance of regular physical activity. When you lead by example, your kids will see how important working out and exercising are to you, and they can learn to love fitness just as much as you do!

6. Don’t let busy schedules prevent your family from hitting the gym. It can be hard enough to get the whole family in the same place at the same time, let alone find time in everyone’s day to exercise. Between busy schedules, schoolwork, extracurriculars, and social lives, you and your kids are constantly on the go! So, what’s the solution? An effective workout for the whole family that doesn’t last too long – like 9Round! Because the workout is only 30 minutes long and the exercises at each round can be modified for any fitness level, if your children are old enough, the 9Round circuit can double as your family’s daily exercise and quality time together.

Using these tips, you’ll have the whole family off the couch and getting some exercise in no time. If your family needs a little more inspiration to break a sweat, click the link below to find a 9Round location near you, and try the workout for free!