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9Round Kickboxing Hits a Growth Spurt

Helen Bush

9Round Kickboxing is literally "Kicking Butt" these days, even with a slow economy.  9Round continues to see strong membership growth in its gyms and its Franchise efforts are getting off the ground very rapidly.  "We are very excited to see our Franchise program get up and running so fast, we have 3 gyms opening in North Carolina, 6 gyms to open in Wisconsin, 2 more in South Carolina, and 1 opening in West Palm Beach Florida."    We are extremely busy, but love what we do.  It's great to see people just enjoy the training and seeing great results.  Results-that's what it is all about.  Sometimes you just have to get started.  Action always beats meditation!!  You don't have to get it perfect, just get it started.   The same applies to getting in shape and starting your own 9Round Boxing/Kickboxing gym.  If interested in starting your own 9Round Kickboxing franchise please contact Tom "Tornado" Sagehorn at 1-847-217-5996.

Helen Bush
Helen Bush is a self employed fitness writer who works with many health and fitness blogs. At a young age she discovered her passion for fitness and encouraging others. Helen enjoys being active and loves working out. In her middle and high school years she played an active part in her school basketball teams. Now she loves to study and participate in dance to help her stay active and fit. Her main goal is to help motivate others and push them to reach their fitness goals.