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Bouncing Back from a Not-So-Active Gym Break

Jul 26, 2019

Bouncing back from a hiatus in any routine can be hard, and your fitness journey is no exception! To help you get back in the swing of things, and commit to working out again, we’ve got a few tips that’ll have you dusting off your boxing gloves and eager to get back to your 9Round regimen.

1. Find your “why” again. It’s important to remember what motivated you in the first place because it was the encouragement you needed to make fitness part of your lifestyle. Alternatively, maybe your “why” came and went, i.e. getting in shape for an event or just for the summer. Whatever the case, you’ll find your “why” again by reevaluating what fitness means to you. Decide on your goals, whether they’re the same ones you had before or a brand-new initiative, and start planning how you’ll reach them! Pro Tip: Write down your “why.” Putting pen to paper makes your goal real, and by placing your “why” somewhere you’ll see it every day, it acts as a constant reminder to conquer your goals!

2. Don’t focus on making up for lost time. With exercise, it’s easy to feel guilty for slacking off. We often notice changes in our body before others do, so it’s natural to experience feelings of regret when you don’t follow your fitness plan. That being said, keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race, and you could get hurt from going overboard trying to make up for the time you weren’t exercising. Be sure to ease back into your regimen to avoid feeling burnt out early on, because that could also discourage you from getting back into the habit of exercising again. Pro Tip: When starting a program like 9Round, we always suggest making a goal of getting three workouts per week. That will allow you to recover properly on the days you’re resting, and it will offer you a realistic goal when first getting back into your routine.

3. Fuel your body properly. It’s no secret that your body burns more fuel (calories) when you exercise more frequently than it does with a sedentary lifestyle. Without the proper food intake, you could feel especially drained during your workouts and lose focus. Upping your water consumption is a major part of fueling up that often gets forgotten. Now that you’re back in the gym, you may be sweating significantly more than you were during your fitness hiatus. Make sure you consume extra water to account for the fluids you lose during your 30-minute sweat sesh! Pro Tip: Drink 16 oz of water as soon as possible after waking up in the morning. Be sure to hydrate early and often!

4. Celebrate your achievements! Once you get back in the gym from a break and set your sights on achievable goals, pay attention to your progress. When you hit those goals, reward yourself! Whether that means treating yourself to new hand wraps or workout gear, you’ve earned ​it. Incentivizing your workouts adds yet another reason to stick with your routine and continue to make progress. While your main fitness goals will always be about becoming healthier, celebratory gifts certainly don’t hurt! Pro Tip: Brag about your success! You should always be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Take a “Flex Friday” picture of yourself to show your friends and family the work you’ve put in to become a better you. By doing this, you’ll feel the backing of your friends and family and know you aren’t in this fight alone!

5. Avoid falling back into old habits. The reason you put exercise on the backburner in the first place could eventually creep back into your life, and you’ll need to be prepared. Accountability is your best friend when the temptation to skip a workout comes knocking. After completing all nine rounds and giving the gong three rings for a Killer Workout, 9Round Trainers will yell, “Thank you, when are you coming back?” If you answer them with an enthusiastic “Tomorrow!”, then stick to it! It’s more than just a fond farewell, so let your commitment to the trainers be the reminder you need to avoid skipping your next workout. Pro Tip: The iCalendar is a beautiful thing. After you let your 9Round Trainer know when you’re coming back, after you’ve gotten in your car, or when you get home, put your next workout into your phone’s calendar. Turn on notifications to get reminders, too. This will help you stick to your routine, and ultimately work toward your “why.” 

With these pro-tips, you’ll be able to take your fitness routine to the next level and knock out any obstacles in your way. What are you waiting for? 9Round is calling, so grab those gloves and hit the gym!