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Fitness Tips for Keeping Your Summer Bod Year-Round

Jun 21, 2019

You worked hard in the months leading up to summer, so you’d be ready for any and all photo ops with fun pool floats or on a beach somewhere tropical, but what happens to your workout routine after summer comes and goes? Heather “The Hero” Hudson, which you might know as one of 9Round’s fearless leaders, put together some of her best tips to help you stick to your fitness regimen all year long, not just for the summer!

It’s official: Summer 2019 begins today! Time for fun in the sun - beach trips, barbecues, pool days and more…

Some of you may have been working extra hard in the weeks and months leading up to today in order to get “beach body ready.” And if so, kudos to you for all that effort!

But as we head into the hot summer season, I want to remind you not to limit your beach body goals to the summertime. It’s important for us to shift our mindsets to think of fitness as a lifestyle, instead of a crash course - a marathon instead of a sprint.

Here are 4 tips for how to keep that summer figure year-round, along with how 9Round can help you get there…

Don’t make your goals vacation-specific.

It’s tempting when you have a big beach trip planned to center your fitness goals on that one event. But when you set your goals that way, you run the risk of completely falling off the wagon once vacation ends. And when summer is over and your next vacation is TBD, how will you set your goals then?

With a workout like 9Round, you can instead make personal goals specific to certain aspects of training. For example, your goal may be to jump rope for a full three-minute station with no breaks; to perfect more complicated trainer-led sequences; to become a C.H.O.W. (Challenge of the Week) winner for your studio. Any of these goals can be worked toward year-round, and they will still keep you working toward that ideal summer bod! So even when vacation has come and gone, you still have fitness goals to look forward to.

Adjust your workout schedule to fit your summer schedule.

Even if your usual work schedule gets out of whack during the summer months, make sure your fitness schedule doesn’t. Our bodies become used to routines when it comes to our workouts, so it’s important to keep things consistent.

A convenient workout like 9Round should allow you to fit your workouts into your schedule even when it changes (i.e., no morning drive to take the kids to school). At 9Round, you won’t have to depend on whatever class times are available to accommodate your updated summer schedule, because there are no class times. You can just waltz in at a new time that suits you, get your 30-minute workout in, and return to your summer plans.

Stay active even while you’re on vacation.

Even as a consistent 9Round member, you may not be able to get to your studio if you’re traveling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! With so many different exercises offered in 9Round’s daily-changing workouts, you’re likely to pick up a few that you can take on the road with you. No punching bags? No problem. Our workouts still offer plenty of vacation-friendly exercises that don’t require an equipment-filled studio (click HERE for some specific examples).

And even if you’re not applying exact 9Round exercises to your vacation activities, remember you can’t go wrong with consistent cardio, and you can even make it fun! Take a jog on the beach, tour wherever you’re visiting by bicycle, try to find dinner and lunch spots you can walk to… Staying active in little ways will make it easier for you to jump back into your workout routine once you’re back from vacay. But don’t forget to take the time to totally relax either… That’s what vacation is for, right?

Plan trips with your workout buddies.

What is the best thing working out and going on vacation have in common? They’re more fun with a friend! So, when it comes to planning your workouts or planning your vacations, do them with someone you’re close with who can hold you accountable both for a sweaty time and for a good time. This will also help you both stay active. Enlist a spouse, a close friend, a family member, whoever you’d like, and invite them to start joining you when you go to 9Round, if they don’t already. And then, go ahead and plan a trip together to reward yourselves for all that hard work in the studio ;)

If you can apply these fitness tips to your life on a daily basis - not just when you know it’s time for you to put on a swimsuit - then you’ll find that it is possible to keep up your summertime physique year-round. This way, after summer 2019 comes and goes and summer 2020 is here before we know it, you won’t need to panic… Because you’ll already be in your best shape.