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How HIIT Workouts Can Kick Your Race Training up a Notch

May 20, 2019


It’s that time of year again: runners are prepping for upcoming races and getting their training schedules nailed down so they’re ready to hit the pavement. While it’s important to get your mileage in and make sure you can go the distance on race day, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also great prep work for races of any length! Even though training plans can look a little different for everyone, here are a few reasons to think about adding HIIT workouts to your race regimen:



Implementing HIIT into your routine can lead to building lean muscle, which means you won’t be “bulking up” or sabotaging your pace – two things that can be huge challenges, even to a seasoned runner. With 9Round, your entire body will get stronger as a result of throwing punches and kicks at various heavy bags and using equipment like kettlebells or dumbbells, and you’ll notice that your runs get progressively easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a running newbie or someone with too many race medals to count, HIIT workouts have been proven to increase strength and help runners of all levels cross the finish line with ease!



As you strengthen your muscles, you also condition your body to have more stamina and endurance. Your body will thank you when it comes to those long distance runs you’ve been training so hard for! Because you pushed your body to handle more intensity during workouts, you can think of it as raising the bar on how you’re able to handle rigorous activity. After thirty minutes of intense intervals at 9Round, your muscles gain more endurance, including the most important one in your body – your heart.  Once HIIT is a consistent part of your training plan, you’ll notice that you can push yourself harder, and for a longer period of time, when you go for a run. Runners also know just how crucial it is to get your breathing under control when going long distances because they need to keep the oxygen flowing or they’ll run out of steam too quickly. During a 9Round workout, the intense, speed-based trainer-led drills really put your stamina to the test. By consistently getting that 30-minute full-body kickboxing workout in, you’ll be able to keep your energy levels high and have more control of your breathing.



If you want to punch up your pace, then adding HIIT workouts to your fitness routine can be especially beneficial, just like running speed intervals on a track can help cut down your time. 9Round doesn’t just focus on building up your strength and stamina – there are multiple stations that target speed and coordination. Both the speed bag and the double ended bag at 9Round help members work on their focus, coordination, and reaction time. Runners need to have good coordination for tons of reasons: navigating trails without tripping over obstacles, shifting around other runners, and staying light on your feet. Because consistent HIIT exercises help improve your strength, stamina, endurance, and coordination, your speed will begin to improve naturally. Your body will adjust to the progress made from HIIT workouts, and it’ll be easier to shave seconds – or even minutes – off your average paces.


If you’re training for a marathon or an obstacle race and want a little variety in your fitness routine, discuss adding HIIT to your training plan with a physician. Want to add intensity to your training, but not sure where to start? The 9Round workout is designed to give you ample health benefits from a 30-minute HIIT workout. You can even try your first 9Round workout for FREE by clicking the link below!