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How to Get Over Your Gym Intimidation

Jun 17, 2019

Getting the motivation to hit the gym can be a challenge in itself for many of us but feeling comfortable once you’re there can be an even more difficult feat to conquer. That’s why we’re talking about the all-too-common fear of the gym environment and how to overcome it.

Let’s break down a few reasons why people experience ‘gym intimidation’ in the first place. It’s common for newcomers to feel like they’re not “fit” enough to start working out, which is a total myth – you’re never too out of shape to get started, and everyone has to start somewhere! Also, if you’re new to your fitness journey, then it’s easy to feel confused and unsure of what exercises to start with, or how many reps you should be doing.

For some people, the idea of working out surrounded by other people is enough to make them skip going to the gym. No matter what causes you to shy away from the gym, we’ve come up with a few ways you can conquer those fears!

1. Get Started

Making the decision to start a fitness routine can be scary because it’s the first (and biggest) step. We have a saying around here: “the door weighs 1000 pounds.” We know that, if you can make it through the door, you can conquer anything inside! It’s important to stay positive and enthusiastic and try to push aside any doubts you might have. You can work out regardless of how ‘fit’ you are, which is why 9Round trainers can make slight modifications to workouts, and tailor them to your fitness level. Everyone starts somewhere, and no fitness journey is the same. Once you overcome the fear of getting started, you’ll realize how much you’re capable of!

2. Set Realistic Goals

Knocking out your fear of the gym can be done by keeping your eyes on the prize – in other words, set attainable goals, and stick to them. The key word is ‘attainable’ because it’s not uncommon to see someone working out that can use heavier weights or hit the speed bag faster than you. We’re here to remind you that it’s perfectly okay to work out at the level that works for you! Adjust your focus from others’ progress to your own. By setting weekly, or monthly, goals, it’ll be much easier to gauge your fitness level and how you progress. Hitting at least 60 PULSE points during your 9Round workout or exercising three times a week are some awesome goals to begin with! Once you meet or exceed your current goal, you can set a new goal and keep pushing forward.

3. Get to Know the Trainers and the Gym Community

At 9Round, trainers and other members are part of your support system. Trainers act as your guide through the rounds, explaining each and every workout, down to the very last one, so you’ll never have to worry about which exercise to start with, or if you’re doing something incorrectly. Trainers also offer encouragement to keep everyone motivated, so if you came in feeling intimidated, they’ll help you leave that feeling at the door! Other members are also a great way to keep your fears at bay. Seeing familiar faces each time you get to the gym will start to motivate you to keep up your routine.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

You’ve started your fitness journey, and you’ve made a pretty good habit of getting in the gym. Just when it’s starting to seem like your gym intimidation is a thing of the past, BAM! You’re doubled up with someone during your 9Round workout, and you’re both doing the same exercises, but they’re using twice as much weight. That familiar feeling starts to creep back in, but now is the time to remind yourself of the goals you set in the beginning – don’t forget, results aren’t instantaneous, and you have to keep pushing to get the progress you’ve been striving for! After all, that person had to start somewhere too, to get to the level of fitness that they’ve reached. Keep yourself accountable by pushing through any doubts, and always giving it your best effort to win every round.

The takeaway from all of this? Your fear of the gym doesn’t stand a chance against the confidence you’ll have after committing to a healthier lifestyle. Each and every workout you do will leave you feeling stronger and more confident. If you’re still not sure how to knock out those fears, stop by 9Round for a free workout that’ll leave you feeling empowered!