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How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Workouts

Helen Bush

The great thing about summer is it’s also easy to take your workouts outside and enjoy the awesome-ness of a full body sweat! So, take yourself outside, have a little fun and get some fresh air, while burning mega calories. But, keep in mind a few precautions:



Play it safe

You should always consult your doctor or trainer prior to committing to an outdoor fitness routine  to ensure that your body is capable of performing a workout in the heat. Once you get the go ahead from your doctor or trainer, you still need to take some extra precautions.


  • Don’t over do it, meaning trying the most intense workout you’ve ever done on a 90 degree day. Do what you usually do and work up to workout out in the heat

  • Limit time in the direct sun and always wear sunscreen

  • Make hydration your priority

  • Stay focused on your heart rate. Remember, you heart rate most likely will be a bit higher in the heat than usual, so don’t be surprised and listen to your body.

Mix it up

The most effective workouts are those that target and challenge your entire body, so you need to include workouts that challenge you and make you push yourself harder and harder each day. Do not be afraid to add some variety to your workout. You want to incorporate multiple types of exercises that can target many different muscles groups. Even though cardio is great at burning calories, if you want to tone up, then you want to add in other kinds of exercises too, such as:


  • resistance type exercises

  • planks

  • crunches

  • push-ups

  • and even chin-ups


Using a playground is a free way to have props to work out on, such as pull ups or leg raises on the monkey bars. If you have kids, they can also play while they see you set a great example of being active and healthy! Remember to keep your kids hydrated as well!

Now you have one more excuse to be pumped for summer!

Helen Bush
Helen Bush is a self employed fitness writer who works with many health and fitness blogs. At a young age she discovered her passion for fitness and encouraging others. Helen enjoys being active and loves working out. In her middle and high school years she played an active part in her school basketball teams. Now she loves to study and participate in dance to help her stay active and fit. Her main goal is to help motivate others and push them to reach their fitness goals.