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I Don't Know Where To Start!

The new year is upon us and many individuals have set some great health, fitness and nutrition goals. But often times, when it comes to starting a fitness & nutrition program, an individual's mindset may be, "I don't know where to start!" This is understandable. Maybe this individual has been sedentary for some time. Working out has not been a part of their lifestyle. They can be very intimidated by a workout. They don't know how much to work out. They don't know how hard to work out. They don't know how frequently they should work out. They don't know what to eat in order to achieve their goals. With all of these thoughts going through one's mind, it's completely understandable for one’s thought process to be, "I don't know where to start!"


Well, not to worry, we are here to help assist you on this journey and help take the thinking out of this process for you. When it comes to achieving the goals that we have set, often times, the right approach is simply, one successful baby step at a time. Other times, we just simply need to "shove the square for the circle." And, this is a great time to shove the square through the circle. Let's not dip the toe in the water in order to test temperature. Rather, let's jump right in, cannonball style!


Simply walking through the door for the first time, into your 9Round workout, will be your key to unlock many doors to success. During this phenomenal, 30-minute 9Round workout, you will have a trainer with you, every step of the way. This will help take the thinking out of this process for you. You will know exactly what to do during each round of your 9Round workout. And in addition, with a new workout each day, you will find yourself pumped up and motivated for each and every workout.


How hard should I work out? No problem, we have that taken care of for you as well. By using the 9Round Pulse™, heart rate training system, we help take the thinking out of this process for you as well. In real time, you will be able to track your exact heart rate from round 1 all the way through round 9. By working out in the proper heart rate zones, the green and yellow, you will be able to work out smarter and maximize each workout. By working out in the proper heart rate zones, you also maximize your body's ability to burn fat, minimize risk of overtraining, minimize risk of injury and improve the body's ability to recover.


What do I need to eat in order to achieve my goals? No worries there either, we have you covered with 9Round Nutrition. 9Round Nutrition is built off of the principles of science and human physiology and will help assist you in getting your body properly fueled and will set you up for great success. Whether your goals revolve around body transformation, improved overall health and fitness and/or improved athletic performance, 9Round Nutrition will ensure that your body is properly fueled for success.


In summary, the combination of the 9Round workout, 9Round Pulse™ heart rate training system and 9Round Nutrition will help take your mindset from, "I don't know where to start", to, "I know exactly where to start." If you have been bogged down with not knowing where to start, no worries; let 9Round be your guide and help assist you in taking the thinking out of this process. Enjoy this amazing health, fitness and nutrition journey and let's make it a phenomenal 2017!


Workout Smart, Eat Right, Get Results®!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

9Round Nutrition Coach

Named One of America’s PremierExperts® in Nutrition & Fitness

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year