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Making Fitness A Priority: 5 Tips to Get You Moving

Jun 3, 2019

Balancing work, family, and a social life is hard enough as it is, and trying to find time in between for fitness seems impossible, right? We completely understand, and we know sometimes it can feel like life is getting in the way of your workout routine. To help you stick to your routine, we came up with a few ways to make fitness a priority, no matter what life throws at you.


  1. - Face your fitness excuses head-on. “I’m too busy,” or, “I’m too tired,” are some common mental road blocks that can keep you from getting to the gym. If you catch yourself using these excuses a little more often than not, it’s important to remind yourself of your “why” – the reason why you made the decision to work out and live a healthier lifestyle! We totally get that there will be some days when squeezing in your workout is just impossible, but you can start making fitness a priority by asking yourself, “What can I do to make time for my workout routine today?” When you make the decision that nothing can hold you back from reaching your fitness goals, you’ll be able to achieve your highest potential.


  1. - Find a workout that works best with your schedule. Between work, errands, and having a social life, finding time in the day for a workout can be a challenge in itself. Ironically, fitness classes don’t always fit into your schedule, and sometimes it feels like you’re booking an appointment at the dentist rather than signing up for a fun workout. That’s why, at 9Round, you can squeeze in a quick, 30-minute ‘sweat sesh’ whenever it’s convenient to you and avoid the stress that comes with rearranging your schedule. Finding an extra 30 minutes in your day is much easier than setting aside an hour or two for a class, and you don’t have to plan your entire day around your workout. When hitting the gym is more convenient for you, you’ll be more motivated to get your daily exercise in, and other schedule-free activities!


  1. - Get a gym buddy. You don’t have to choose between catching up with your BFF or getting a killer workout in! Working out with a friend (or a few of them) is a great way to spend time with the people you’re closest to while holding yourself accountable at the same time. Your friends might even be trying to make fitness a bigger part of their lives too. You can support one another, encourage each other to win every round, and feel empowered together! A buddy is a great motivator when you can’t motivate yourself.


  1. - Sneak your workout into everyday tasks. On days that seem to slip away, leaving little to no time to make it to the gym, you can still fit exercises into your normal routine. In our last blog, 9Round Moves to Take on Vacation, we broke down five moves that you can do outside of the gym. Try incorporating these moves into everyday tasks for the workout that doesn’t feel like work! When you’re catching up on your favorite show, do a quick set of squats and throw in some air punches on commercial breaks. Also, walking lunges are a great way to get from the living room to the kitchen. While it might not be the full experience you’d be getting at your local 9Round, some exercise is better than no exercise!


  1. - Choose the workout you’ll enjoy! Working up a sweat can be fun – you read that right! If you don’t enjoy your exercise routine, then the chances are slim that you’ll keep making an effort to work out. Find what you love to do, and you’ll stick with it! Maybe you feel like your routine is getting a little boring, so consider ways you can change it up. Since 9Round workouts change every day, it’s easier to avoid the fitness rut that can make exercise feel like a chore. We recommend varying your routine and trying new fitness styles here and there.


If you were looking for a sign to make fitness a bigger part of your life, this is it! Try out your first 9Round workout FREE, and focus on getting fit without the hassle of rearranging your entire schedule.