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The ABCs of Back to School Fitness for Every Busy Parent

Aug 19, 2019

Another new school year means mornings as a parent will be spent getting school lunches ready and waiting in long carpool drop-off lines, and afternoons will fill up with sports practices and other extracurricular activities. We know that parents’ needs tend to take the back burner, especially when it comes to “optional” activities, but we’re here to help you refocus on your fitness goals! We have three simple tips to help you get back to it this back-to-school season!

A. Pick a workout you enjoy.

Parenting can be demanding – we get it! While it’s no easy job, it’s an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable one. Your workout should follow that mantra too! You should enjoy spending time exercising, otherwise, how else will you find the motivation to keep it as a consistent part of your lifestyle? If yoga is your favorite method of exercising, but not intense enough to make significant progress toward your fitness goals, try combining it with HIIT for the best of both worlds!

B. Plan your schedule and stick to it.

With all your parental duties, you probably don’t have several extra hours to spend at the gym. Instead of letting your lack of free time discourage you from getting your daily exercise in, work with the time you do have! You can use your time efficiently with workouts that are higher intensity, like 9Round, and end up spending significantly less time in the gym. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, allows you to increase your heart rate to the ideal, fat-burning zone at a faster rate than low-intensity exercises, like a brisk walk in a park, which means you can get in and out of the gym quickly. If you realize your schedule looks a little hectic for the upcoming week, think about adding a fitness option that doesn’t consist of class times, so you hit the gym at your convenience. As a 9Rounder, you don’t have to worry about signing up for a class time, which makes it convenient for the parent that’s always on the go.

When you find a workout that works for you and your schedule, stick to it! Be sure to hold yourself accountable – there’s no shame in writing it down in your planner with all of the other things you juggle and keep track of as a parent!

C. Find a workout buddy.

Like-minded moms and dads are great workout partners to help you realize you’re not alone on your fitness journey… and they’re probably balancing just as many things as you are! As your gym buddy, they can push you to work harder and help hold you accountable on those days that you don’t want to show up. When your schedules don’t match up, you can even trade off on babysitting or carpool duty. The best part about having another parent as your workout partner is how well they understand when life gets a little chaotic. Sometimes you have to spend your evening knocking out a last-minute school project, and you end up skipping your workout. Your buddy won’t make you feel bad about that, but instead, they’ll keep you motivated and encourage you to get back in the gym to keep up all the hard work you’ve put in thus far!

By following these three simple tips, fitness can become a reality again! You can finally stop feeling guilty for missing out on time with the kids and ensure you’re not neglecting your well-being. If you’re struggling to find a time-efficient workout, try a free introductory workout at your local 9Round club by clicking below.