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The ABCs of Committing to Your Fitness Goals (and Crushing Them)

Sep 11, 2019

How many of us decided to commit to fitness as our New Year’s resolution back in January, only for life to get in the way and derail our plans? And now, another new year is lurking right around the corner. With the majority of 2019 behind us, the realization that our fitness routine never got back on track begins to sink in…

Sound familiar?

It can happen to the best of us, because sticking to a plan of action is easier said than done. The initial steps of a fitness routine begin by setting attainable goals, followed by creating a strategy to achieve them, but the real challenge comes next: sticking to your plan. You might be asking yourself how to find the motivation to stick it out, so we’ve broken it down into three practical methods that are as easy as ABC!


Holding yourself accountable is an essential part of reaching any goal, especially a fitness-related one. When it comes to exercising, accountability comes in many different forms, and equally important to finding the right exercise routine for you, is deciding the best ways to hold yourself accountable. Maybe that means a gym buddy that reminds you of your planned 9Round workouts together, or a 9Round trainer that encourages you to win the round and keep giving your best effort. When you’ve decided on the ideal way to hold yourself accountable, utilize this method to set yourself up for success and avoid falling into a fitness rut!


While a balance of ‘rest days’ and ‘active days’ is important when maintaining a fitness routine, there’s more to balance than just planning your workout schedule. It also applies to how you exercise. In a recent blog, we discussed how our bodies shed fat, and that the most efficient way to work toward your fitness goals is by following a well-balanced workout routine instead of falling prey to common myths like spot reducing. Because spot-reducing isn’t your best bet when it comes to burning fat, you should focus on full-body workouts that include strength and cardio exercises, like 9Round, in conjunction with a sensible diet.


Think about it – did you set out on a fitness journey to be miserable the entire time? No! You made this change to feel healthier and happier. That means every victory, no matter how big or how small, should be recognized so you can look back on the progress you’ve made and use them as motivators. Celebrate your victories at 9Round with three rings on the gong after your workout is complete or post a selfie below your 9Round club’s PULSE TV showing off all the PULSE points you earned! Each time you acknowledge your accomplishments, the instant gratification you’ll feel can be used to fuel your inner fire even more and keep pushing to reach your fitness goals.

With these exercising ABCs, you’ll be able to remember your “why” – the motivation behind your fitness journey – and keep your eyes on the prize. Still not sure what your next steps are in reaching your fitness goals? Find a 9Round location near you using the link below and talk to a 9Round trainer about how they can help you reach those goals!