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Tips to Help You Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

Tis the season of endless apple pie and oven-roasted turkey. As you add another delicious meal to your calendar, it’s time to start putting together your game plan – the one that reminds you not to go for seconds when they break out the pecan pie. We’ve got a few tips to help you avoid overeating during the holidays, so take a look below to learn how you can crush your fitness goals and the holiday season all at once!


Tip #1 – Monitor Your Snacking

At holiday events, there’s often the main course and a steady supply of appetizers to keep guests at bay until the table is ready. These little snacking plates are what can easily get you into trouble, as it’s tempting to continue popping one treat after the other without realizing how much you’ve eaten.

If you want to prevent yourself from overeating and filling up on empty calories, you should consider avoiding these pre-dinner treats altogether to save room for the main meal. If you must indulge, however, then be conscious of how often you’re reaching for another bite and limit your snacking to only a few items. Pro tip: seat yourself or stand farther away from the appetizer table to avoid reaching for snacks simply because they’re nearby.


Tip #2 – Go for the Veggies & Meat

It’s possible to enjoy a delicious holiday meal without feeling guilty if you fill up on foods that are less likely to throw off your diet. You can certainly still enjoy your favorite dishes in moderation, but if your plate is mostly full of veggies and meat, your macronutrient values won’t get too far out of whack.

Salads, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, and other vegetable-forward dishes aren’t going to be as bad for you as the loaded mashed potatoes or the oven-baked mac and cheese. Of course, be careful with things like green bean casserole, where there are added ingredients alongside the veggies that often make the dish less nutritious and higher in calories. But, don’t skimp out on the turkey, as it’s an excellent source of lean protein when it’s not drowning in gravy or stuffing. (-;


Tip #3 – Be Mindful of Your Drinks

From the mulled wine to the spiked eggnog, it’s easy to consume all your calories from drinks alone at a dinner party. These seasonal drinks are often what sends us over the edge with our diet during the holidays. While alcohol and other high-calorie drinks are what you might crave to get you through this busy season, they’re also the easiest thing to cut back on to prevent yourself from overindulging.


Be mindful of how many drinks you’re having and sip on them slowly throughout the evening rather than gulping them down one by one. You can also choose lighter alternatives to your favorite beverages to lower the amount of sugar and alcohol you’re consuming. If you really want to be on your best behavior, you can avoid drinking altogether at holiday parties this year and focus solely on the delicious dinners that await.


Tip #4 – Don’t Go on an Empty Stomach

While it’s common for most people to starve themselves before a big feast on Thanksgiving, “saving up” your calories isn’t always the best strategy to keep you on track. Going to dinner on an empty stomach is going to make those mashed potatoes even more enticing, and it’s going to make you more likely to binge eat. Instead, you should eat a light and healthy meal at home before you head out, so you aren’t desperately searching for food when you arrive. This will help prevent you from feeling hungry, so you’ll eat more moderately during dinner.


Tip #5 – Split Your Desserts

A lot of people can successfully control their eating habits at dinner time, but when the desserts come out, everything changes. It’s hard to avoid your favorite seasonal treats, especially when they come attached with sentimental value. Often, our best memories during the holidays are made when baking in the kitchen with grandma and eating cookies by the fire, so it can be extra difficult to stop yourself from indulging in those traditions.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up everything you love during the holidays to stay on track with your fitness goals. When you reach for the pie, get a smaller piece, and skip the whipped cream to save on calories. You can also split a dessert with a loved one so you can both try different treats without eating an entire serving of each by yourself. It’s all about eating in moderation so you can still enjoy the holidays without ruining your progress.  


With these tips in tow, we know you can tackle the holiday season with confidence when it comes to your diet and exercise. Of course, make sure you’re still getting your three workouts per week at 9Round to continue making progress on your fitness goals. If you haven’t tried our kickboxing-themed workouts and are looking for a new workout routine to help you through the holiday season, click the link below for a FREE introductory workout at your local studio!

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