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3 Techniques to use inside your Fitness Franchise

Shannon Hudson

Here are 3 teaching techniques that will help make you a master teacher.  These are taught to all my staff in my clubs. The two most important qualities of a teacher are Patience and Enthusiasm and these techniques help a trainer or instructor have a guideline when presenting new material.


1. P. I. P. The first is Praise Improve Praise.  Whenever you are correcting form it's important to start off by finding something positive they are doing.  For example, when we are teaching a kickboxing technique we say, "Julie, your kick has got great power."  Next, you want to talk about the improvement needed, for example, "Now you want to make sure you hit with the bottom of your foot."  Lastly, you want to praise them when they get it right.  You might say, "That's how to kick like a pro."  Notice we praised first, improved the technique, then ended with a praise.  This also works well when correcting your children's behavior. :-)


2.  D.E.C.R. This is a great formula to teach, especially if you have a new trainer that is learning.  This is a good way to teach them how to become a great instructor.


D.  Demonstrate the technique or exercise first, the way it should be done.

E.  Explain how and why the exercise works.

C.  Correct any mistakes using PIP of course.

R.  Repeat the exercise over and over- You might say do 15 reps, etc.


3.  Lastly is S.S.L.


This one stands for Sweating, Smiling, and Learning.  We want every member to leave sweating.  Meaning being pushed and getting a great workout.  Next, we want to make sure the atmosphere is fun and upbeat.  Meaning motivated trainers, good music, and a clean club.  Lastly, we want our trainers to engage with each customer and correct form.  Again we want every customer to know how much we care about them.


Put these teaching techniques to work and your club will be full of happy customers that stay, pay, and refer.  That's the secret.