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555 New Kickboxing members in March

Helen Bush

We had 555 new 9Round Members join across the nation last month.  Membeship is growing strong as we roll into the Spring season.  Everybody is realizing that Kickboxing is a great way to get into Bikini shape for summer.  We are very pleased with the growth of our company but one quote always pops into the founders mind, that is, "Happy but not Satified".  We are very thankful and happy to be where we are expecially in a recession, but we are always on the prowl for new, hungry, ambitious potential Franchise owners.  If you are looking for a new exciting workout visit and click on the locations tab to find the nearest 9Round to you.  If you are interested helping grow the 9Round brand, click on the "Franchise With Us" tab and fill out a quick application.  "Getting America Fit, 9Rounds At A Time"

Helen Bush
Helen Bush is a self employed fitness writer who works with many health and fitness blogs. At a young age she discovered her passion for fitness and encouraging others. Helen enjoys being active and loves working out. In her middle and high school years she played an active part in her school basketball teams. Now she loves to study and participate in dance to help her stay active and fit. Her main goal is to help motivate others and push them to reach their fitness goals.