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9Round Arlington Featured in the Washington Post

9Round Arlington has helped spread the word about 9Round and its unique fitness routine by earning a spot in the Washington Post. The article, Don’t need to punch the clock to kickbox at 9Round, focuses on 9Round's one of kind fitness format that gives you a full body workout in only thirty minutes with no need to schedule any class times. The article states that at 9Round, which is a national kickboxing franchise, you can show up whenever you want, put on your gloves and fight your way through a nine-station circuit. The 9Round location that opened this summer in Arlington has been such a hit that an additional four are planning to come to northern Virginia.



All about the stations

At 9Round, you get to work your way through nine challenging stations. Each station combines different elements to give you a total body workout. Stations one and two focus on improving your strength and endurance. You get to use some neat toys on these two stations, such as jump ropes and medicine balls. Then on stations three through eight the real fun begins. This is where you get a chance to hit the heavy bags and speed bags. You will get to learn the proper ways to throw a jab, hook and cross punch. You will have fun shoving and kicking the heavy bags that you will not even notice how much energy you are using. The ninth and final station is dedicated to working your core, which is a very important part of a kickboxing fitness routine. After spending three minutes at each of these stations, you will be sweaty and fit in no time.


Try it out

9Round allows anyone interested in their workout routines the chance to try them out for free. Any 9Round will allow you to experience your first trial workout for free. They will loan you a pair of gloves and have a trainer lead you through the nine stations. If you do decide to join, you can purchase your own gloves and hand wraps from your local 9Round. Do not be afraid if you have no kickboxing experience. Our certified 9Round trainers will be with you every step of the way. They will ensure you are properly performing each move, staying well within your fitness level and motivating you to push yourself further than you ever thought. Also, 9Round is known for switching up their fitness routines each day, so you will never experience the same routine two days in a row. This leads to a more dynamic workout and helps you keep boredom out of your fitness routine.

If you would like to learn more about a 9Round fitness routine, stop by our website and take a look around. You could also find your closest local 9Round and stop by their location to learn more and to take advantage of your free workout. We look forward to seeing you and can't wait to help you achieve all of your fitness dreams.