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9Round Ballantyne Featured in Franchising USA

9Round Ballantyne Featured in Franchising USA

Mark and Suzi Balk, owners of 9Round Ballantyne, recently earned the amazing opportunity to share their entrepreneurial story with the readers of Franchising USA. In 2009, Mark was laid off from his construction job, which left the couple wondering what they would do next. Mark was unsure of his future, but he just happened to luck up and take a job as a trainer with the newly founded kickboxing gym 9Round. The gym had recently been opened by his karate instructor, Shannon Hudson, who is now the founder and CEO of what has today become the rapidly expanding 9Round franchise.

Mark and Suzi are both second degree black belts, and Mark was enjoying his new job at 9Round. He noticed the huge growth the business was experiencing. The Balks quickly became interested in the fitness and business model of 9Round and began to wonder if they should venture down the path to owning their own business. They had never considered the option of owning their own business before, but the 9Round concept seemed to call to them. They knew it would be a perfect fit for them and their active lifestyle, and they knew they would get plenty of help and guidance from Hudson and his 9Round franchise team.

The fears and anxiety associated with owning their own business was quelled by the support of Hudson and his team. The Balks were more than grateful for all the support given to them by 9Round, and these new business owners were surprised with how smooth the opening of their very own 9Round gym went. The couple actually went on to beat Hudson’s sales records in their first year of operation. They even continued to break 9Round sales records for four consecutive years, and 9Round Ballantyne earned the Franchise of the Year award in 2012 and 2013. After successfully growing the Charlotte market, which is currently the strongest market in the franchise, the couple has recently opened their second gym in their native town of Buffalo, NY. They are excited to be a part of one of the fastest growing fitness franchises.

If you would like more information on owning your very own 9Round fitness center, like the Balks, feel free to stop by our franchise website, which will answer many of your questions and get you in direct contact with 9Round and their amazing team.