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9Round Brooklyn Park Featured on CBS Minnesota

9Round Brooklyn Park recently earned themselves a spot on their local news station CBS Minnesota. They got the chance to advertise 9Round's unique fitness routine and spread the word of the many extras that a 9Round fitness routine offers to their community. Jamie Yuccas, the CBS Minnesota reporter who wrote the article, claims that 9Round is the perfect option for those of us looking for an upbeat and friendly inside environment to workout in, especially now that summer is winding down and colder temperatures are on the way. Yuccas also states that she loves the fact that 9Round is incorporating some of the hottest current fitness trends to help their members achieve the results that they want.



9Round encompasses the hottest trends in fitness

Gone is the day of the big, full-service gyms. Today's hottest fitness concepts are the small strip mall gyms that focus on type of fitness concept. These specialized centers like to keep it simple and quick. At 9Round you can get a full body kickboxing workout in only thirty minutes that is guaranteed to give you results fast. A 9Round workout centers itself around nine challenging stations that last for three minutes each. This circuit training style of working out allows you to come in any time we are open and start your routine in three minutes or less. That is right; there are no class times! You will also have a certified 9Round trainer oversee each and every one of your workouts with no extra cost to you. According to Yuccas, 9Round combines the feel of a group fitness class with the personal attention of having a trainer. This means you do not have to worry if you do not have any previous kickboxing experience. We can tailor your workout to fit your fitness level and needs and walk you through every movement. The best part of 9Round's convenient and adaptable fitness routine is that they are changed daily to keep you from getting bored and allow you to look forward to a new fitness routine. 9Round wants to help you achieve your goals and keep you wanting to come back for more.


If you would like to see a little taste of a 9Round workout in action please stop by the CBS Minnesota news article and check out the video they have posted that shows some of 9Round's own unique exercises. You can also stop by 9Round's website to find the 9Round fitness center closest to you and come by to experience your first trial workout for free. We look forward to helping you get fit one hit at a time.