9Round Celebrates More Careers for Military Veterans

Nov 12, 2018

Today, as we observe Veterans Day, I am reminded of how truly blessed we are to live in a country where brave individuals are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. But at the same time, as a business owner, I am also reminded of the numerous veterans who find themselves looking for work as soon as their active duty ends. What opportunities are available to them?

When Veterans Return to the Workforce
It is no secret that finding employment opportunities for veterans entering the civilian workforce after years of military service can be a challenge. In 2017, the reported number of unemployed veterans was 370,000 according to the United States Bureau of Labor. While this number reflects a decrease in the national veteran unemployment rate from 4.3 percent to 3.7 percent that year, this does not change the fact that still hundreds of thousands of men and women find themselves jobless.

Veterans Make Great Franchisees
Fortunately, companies across our nation recognize that these numbers are too high, and efforts are being made by all industries to provide more work opportunities for veterans. In franchising specifically, more programs and incentives are being offered to veterans nowadays to help them not only find a job upon military retirement, but to become owners of their own businesses. One such program is VetFran, an initiative sponsored by the International Franchise Association with more than 600 franchisors – including 9Round – that offer their best financial discount to potential veteran franchisees who want to run their own business. And these retired veterans who get involved in franchising make some of the most excellent franchise owners out there. Why? Because they are disciplined, they are leaders, they are dedicated, and they know how to follow a system --  just a few of their desirable traits developed during their time of military service.

Veterans Make Especially Great 9Round Franchisees 
I am proud to say that 9Round is one of many companies today that supports veterans by offering opportunities for business ownership to them upon their return to the workforce. In fact, 9Round was recently named to Entrepreneur magazine’s 2018 list of Top Franchises for Veterans. Out of 150 franchise companies included on this list, 9Round was ranked at number 42, an accolade we are honored to have received.

And here are three powerful ways that 9Round is suited especially well for veterans looking to transition into business ownership roles:

  • Kickboxing aligns well with veterans’ fitness-centered mindsets developed during their military training.
  • As team players, veterans make excellent motivators in 9Round gyms, which is especially valuable when they end up playing the role of both owner and trainer, as many of our franchisees do.
  • Becoming a 9Round franchisee comes at a relatively low cost already compared to other franchise investments. But on top of this, veteran-friendly financing options offered by 9Round include a discount of 15 percent off of initial franchise fees for veterans.

Because of these benefits and more, 9Round is attracting veteran franchisees like never before, including some of the men and women you’ll find HERE. And, as expected, these veteran franchisees have proven to be some of the star players in our franchise network.

To all service men and women who have given so selflessly to our country: We thank you and appreciate the sacrifices you have made. And if you are a veteran reading this blog who is looking for your next career opportunity, I urge you to connect with us here at 9Round so that we can set you up to begin your own “American Dream” as the owner of your own business. It’s our turn to help you.