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9Round Clyde Featured in Smoky Mountain News

9Round Clyde Featured in Smoky Mountain News

Scot Worley, co-owner of 9Round Clyde, took advantage of some local publicity to help spread the word of his new 9Round fitness center. Worley wanted to give his community a chance to learn a little about the new fitness opportunity available in town. 9Round can be a big change for the fitness scene in many towns, and Worley wanted to let the people know that you should give 9Round Clyde the chance to help them achieve all of the fitness goals they thought were impossible.


    Although 9Round is a kickboxing gym, he stresses the fact that there is no sparring or fighting with anyone. We are more of a cardio type of workout. You hit and punch only bags, no people. However, you do train as if you were a real fighter, and you can definitely see the benefits of your  workout in no time. You also do not have to worry about boredom because the workout changes every day, and there is a certified 9Round trainer to help you through each and every step of your workout. This also allows kickboxing newbies to feel comfortable throughout their workout.


    One of the major benefits most 9Rounds offer, including 9Round Clyde, is the availability of heart rate monitors. This allows you to give your all at each and every one of your workouts. You can monitor how many calories you burn and how much energy you are giving your workout. This allows you to get the best results possible and give you the results that you want quickly. It is a great tool to use to track your workouts and see the progress you are achieving.


    If you would like to learn more about 9Round and its fitness philosophy, please stop by our website. You can also find a 9Round near you and schedule your first free trial workout there. If you would like to view the article on 9Round Clyde, you can find it here. And, as always, we look forward to getting you fit 9 rounds at a time.