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9Round Comes to Creve Coeur, Missouri

9Round Comes to Creve Coeur, Missouri

9Round is proud to announce that it is expanding to Creve Coeur, Missouri. The newest member of the 9Round family is set to open on June 8th. They are conveniently located at 12536 Olive Blvd Creve Coeur, MO 63141. You can easily find them in the Questover Plaza with Gulf Shores Restaurant and Jets Pizza. The new owners, April and Bryan Porter, are excited to bring 9Round to the Creve Coeur community and can not wait to show them all of the benefits 9Round has to offer. They are sure that the people of Creve Coeur will embrace the 9Round fitness philosophy just as they did, and it will not take long to have their new 9Round full of happy members.


Meet the owners
April “The Punisher” & Brian “Bone Crusher” Porter are no strangers to the 9Round fitness philosophy. They brought 9Round to the St. Louis area in 2014 with their Wildwood location, and it quickly became the premier fitness facility in the area. Now, they are proud to be introducing the concept to Creve Coeur. Both have always been very involved in an active lifestyle, April through dance and fitness instruction and Brian through team sports. Each brings aspects of those backgrounds into the training of their clients. April is very dedicated to proper form, making sure each client is improving while getting the most out of a safe workout. Brian encourages everyone to give a little extra effort and reach their highest potential. The Porters know each member’s name, fitness level and personality and use that knowledge to personalize their training techniques. Together, they have a gym full of members that are learning, sweating and smiling while getting results fast.


Why 9Round
The Porters became interested in 9Round after seeing the major impact it was making in Kansas City. People were loving the unique 9Round program that provides everything in one convenient place, such as 30-minute full-body workouts with no class times and a trainer included, plus 9Round Nutrition coaching. It seemed too good to be true, but once the Porters tried it, they quickly became addicted. Immediately, they began to think of all of the people they could help by increasing their life expectancy, getting them off of medications, participating in activities that they couldn’t before, gaining confidence and, of course, losing weight. So, they took the leap and decided to share 9Round with St. Louis. Now, as certified 9Round personal trainers, they are getting St. Louis fit 9 rounds at a time! They are also hoping to expand the 9Round brand name. They are currently planning to open a third location in 2015 in the Kirkwood/Des Peres area and hopefully, in the future, even more in the St. Lois area.


    The Porters can not wait to open their newest gym and hope to see you there. In fact, if you get in early, you can take advantage of some pre opening specials. You will only pay $39 per month with a 12 month agreement, which is regularly priced at $49 per month, or you could opt for $59 per month on a month-to-month basis, which is regularly priced at $69 per month. These add up to some great savings, and if you are a little wary about starting a kickboxing fitness routine. Do not worry. At 9round, you can get your first trial workout for free. This allows you to check us out and see if we are a good fit for you without having to sign a contract. So, feel free to stop by 9Round Creve Coeur once they are open, call them at 314-392-9305 or stop by their website to learn more. If you would like to stay up to date on their opening date and specials or any other gym news, please stop by and like their facebook page. The Porters look forward to hearing from you and helping you get fit 9 rounds at a time.