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Franchise News

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9Round Continues Its Canadian Takeover

    The newest addition to 9Round's Canadian family is set to open on February 2nd in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This marks the third 9Round franchise to open in Canada, and it shows that are Canadian takeover is well on its way, especially with many other 9Round franchises set to open in the future. 9Round Edmonton will be located at 2931 Ellwood Drive SW Edmonton, Alberta T6X0B1 in the Parsons Centre close to South Common . The new owner Corey Dalton is excited to be a part of the 9Round Canadian movement. He can not wait to get his gym up and running and helping to get the people of Edmonton fit 9 rounds at a time.



Meet the owner

Corey Dalton is no stranger to fitness or 9Round. He has twenty years of experience in the fitness industry. He currently owns four Snap Fitness locations and is hoping to open four 9Round franchises in the near future. He decide to open a 9Round franchise in Canada because he knew that there was a huge demand for a fitness center that offered a fast and fun workout that could get you results in only thirty minutes. In fact, he is so excited that he is offering a grand opening special. He is giving free gloves to all those who decide to become members of his 9Round location. This is a great offer, so you should hurry in and take advantage of it. You can also try out your first free trial workout to help you see what all a 9Round workout entails, and if you think that it will properly fit your fitness needs. It is just our way of letting you get a taste of our workouts before you have to sign a contract.


The workout

9Round offers their clients a unique and convenient workout. By combining elements of boxing and kickboxing, our clients can achieve a total body workout. We use a circuit training format that revolves around nine challenging stations that last for three minutes each, which means that in only thirty minutes with no class times, you can get a full body workout that is guaranteed to get you the results that you want. So, stop by any time during business hours and jump right in to your workout. And, do not fear if you have no kickboxing experience. Our certified 9Round trainers are with you every step of the way to ensure that you are performing each move properly and staying well within your fitness level. Remember you can go at your own pace, and if something does not feel comfortable, you need to discuss it with your trainer. They are there to look out for you and your needs, and they will also help to keep you motivated, which will help you get those results you want fast.

Corey Dalton is excited to be a part of 9Round's Canadian movement and hopes to spread their amazing fitness concept to the Edmonton community. If you have any questions or concerns about 9Round or your first free trial workout, feel free to stop by our location when they open, call them at 780-497-7707 or stop by our website. If you want to stay up to date on when we open, our latest gym news or specials and promotions, please feel free to stop by and like our facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get fit and not hit.