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9Round Dillworth Featured on WCNC

9Round Dillworth Featured on WCNC

9Round Dillworth earned some local publicity. They got the chance to appear on NBC Charlotte News and used this opportunity to spread the 9Round fitness philosophy to their local viewers. They wanted to stress the fact that boxing may be a great Olympic sport, but you can feel like your own Olympian by learning how to box at your local 9Round.


    According to Tatian Pisarski, a 9Round member and a stay at home mom who is raising two little ones of her own, she feels like an Olympic athlete when she works out at 9Round Dillworth. She says, “the 9Round trainers are there cheering you own and encouraging you throughout the rounds to give it everything you got.” She is even stated as saying that there is no way you are going to leave this workout without being drenched.


    Nikki Eason the owner of 9Round Dillworth knows that life can be tough and many of us feel overwhelmed. Therefore, why would you not want a workout that allows you to hit things that do not hit back. It is the perfect way to get in shape and relieve the stresses of the day. It is a win-win situation. She also emphasizes that this is a workout anyone can do. Our certified 9Round trainers can modify your workout to fit your fitness level and your fitness goals. In only thirty minutes you can come in for an unscheduled workout and get results fast. Where else can you find that?


    If you would like to experience your free trial workout at a 9Round near you, please stop by our website to find a gym close to you. If you would like to see the video and read the article featuring 9Round Dillworth, you can find it here. And, as always, we look forward to getting you fit 9 rounds at a time.