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9Round Earns a 5 Star Review

Great news 9Round Nation, we just earned a five star review from Laura Williams. She is a writer for the About.com Alternative Fitness site. She wants her readers to know that fitness does not have to be a monotonous or tortuous experience. She keeps busy by investigating new fitness trends that will keep her readers excited about fitness, and 9Round was one of the places she decided to visit. She loved the 9Round fitness routine and is even quoted as saying, “the 30-minute boxing and kickboxing circuit may have kicked my butt, but it left me wanting more. “




The right trends at the right time

Mrs. Williams also felt that 9Round is hitting all the right trends at just the right time. Currently the fitness industry has seen a huge demand for kickboxing classes. It is not just a man's sport anymore. In fact, in most classes the women outnumber the men four to one. They love the feeling of empowerment kickboxing gives them and the quick results. Shorter, circuit style and high-intensity fitness routines are also hugely popular right now, which is basically the foundation of a 9Round fitness routine. Most people love the fact that they can get quick results while not spending as much time in the gym. It is a great way for many to fit a fitness routine into their busy schedule and still get the results that they want.


What Mrs. Williams loved about 9Round

There are many reasons Laura Williams fell in love with the 9Round fitness routine. She likes that there is always a trainer with you that plans and walks you through each of your workouts. It is great to have someone there to ensure that you are performing each move properly and cheer you on. 9Round’s trainers can easily slow or speed up the pace or add in extras to your workouts to make it appropriately fit your fitness level and help you quickly achieve the results that you want. The workouts are only thirty minutes long and there are no class times. You do not have to worry about scheduling in a definite time for your workout. Any time you have an extra thirty minutes you can just walk in and hop on at the next station.


Things you should know

Mrs. Williams reminds her readers to remember that 9Round is a franchise, and while the system is developed at corporate headquarters, there may be a few differences at each independent franchise. The owners and the trainers of each gym are different, and they may have some different effects on your visit. You may prefer one trainers style over another. However, on the plus side, since 9Round IS a franchise, you can rest assured that you are most likely getting the same workout quality at all locations, since each owner goes through an intense four day Training Camp, learning how to correctly operate their location before they open. When we are focusing on our health and fitness needs, we want to feel comfortable and sure that the person we are dealing with is highly certified and qualified to teach our fitness program.


Overall, Mrs. Williams found the 9Round fitness routine to be fun and effective and fully worth her five star review. She recalls being exhausted after each round, but because she was constantly moving and trying new exercises throughout her workout, the burning in her muscles was just a little bit easier for her to take. If you would like to find out more about Mrs. Williams' 9Round experience feel free to read her entire article here.