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9Round Featured in Global Franchise Magazine

Helen Bush

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9Round is at it again. Our brand and its business model were lucky enough to be featured in the pages of Global Franchise Magazine. The article, “Striving for a Top Fitness Franchise,” focuses on Shannon Hudson and how he came up with the idea for 9Round. It also goes into detail about how Hudson eventually turned to the franchise model to help expand 9Round’s brand name and help his business see phenomenal growth. In the beginning, it took a lot of hard work and money borrowing, such as maxing out credit cards and asking friends for help, to get the business started. And, it took almost as much work to get the franchise model up and running.


    As you can see, all of the hard work and money borrowing eventually paid off for Hudson and 9Round. He mostly credits his and 9Round’s success to not having a plan B and totally relying on 9Round to make it without a safety net. 9Round is now a well-known name throughout the fitness industry, and one of the fastest kickboxing franchises out there. They have 300 fitness centers open in eight different countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England, Saudi Arabia and Jordan). They also have many more in the works and hope to see a thousand 9Round fitness centers up and running by 2020.

Helen Bush
Helen Bush is a self employed fitness writer who works with many health and fitness blogs. At a young age she discovered her passion for fitness and encouraging others. Helen enjoys being active and loves working out. In her middle and high school years she played an active part in her school basketball teams. Now she loves to study and participate in dance to help her stay active and fit. Her main goal is to help motivate others and push them to reach their fitness goals.