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9Round Featured in the Missourian

9Round was recently recognized in the Missourian. The article written by Scott Germanetti focuses on the success of the 9Round franchises and the new 9Round fitness center that opened in southeast Columbia. 9Round has more than 40,000 members in 36 different states, and eleven of those gyms are located in Missouri. The new gym in southeast Columbia has been open since August 1st and gaining a lot of popularity in its community. In the article you get to follow Caterina Schmidt, a regular 9Round member, through her workout and experience how unique a 9Round workout truly is.



The steps to a 9Round workout

9Round offers a fitness-focused alternative to the more traditional type of kickboxing gyms that like to teach kickboxing for the sole purpose of self-defense or sparring. 9Round members rotate among nine challenging stations that focus on conditioning, kickboxing and core strengthening. You get to learn boxing and kickboxing techniques that workout your entire body in only thirty minutes. There is no need to worry if you don't have a background in kickboxing, every routine is overseen by a certified 9Round trainer. Our trainers will teach you the basic movements and ensure that your workout is well within your fitness level. The workouts are also changed daily,, so that you never have to do the same workout back to back. Each week, the trainers at every 9Round will receive new workouts from the corporate office to write on dry-erase boards near each station. This way the more progressed members can easily jump into their workouts, and the less experienced members can spend more time with their trainer.


Members’ opinions

In the article, you get to hear the opinions of other members of 9Round and discover why they like the unique and exciting 9Round fitness routines. Caterina Smith said, “I’m pretty self-motivated, so I just need instruction from trainers, but they are really positive and keep you going.” “They take the time to learn your name and help you when you are really struggling.” Scmidt also loves how 9Round caters to college students. You can stop by anytime during business hours and jump right in with your thirty minute workout. So, you can workout, shower and be back on your way to school. Bree McCleary also notes that you may think that kickboxing would cater to mostly men, but almost 90% of their members are actually women. They both urge you to not be scared to try this intense form of exercise and state that it is truly a fun and creative way to reach your fitness goals.

If you would like to learn more about 9Round or locate a 9Round gym in your area stop by our website. Please feel free to stop by your nearest 9Round and experience your first trial workout for free. This way you can get a sample of what we are all about before you have to sign a contract, but do not worry if you are afraid of contracts, we offer month to month memberships and drop-ins are always welcome. This is just another way 9Round remains convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get fit 9 rounds at a time.