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9Round Featured in World Franchise Associates

9Round Featured in World Franchise Associates

Great news 9Round Nation, our brand made it into the pages of World Franchise Associates. Shannon Hudson, the founder of 9Round, was recently interviewed by the magazine to give some insight into the 9Round brand. The article, 9Round (US) Mixes Passion with Inspiration, is a great read for anyone interested in all of the hard work needed to get the 9Round brand started. It helps us see how Shannon came up with the idea behind 9Round's fitness philosophy and how he gave it his all to get the 9Round brand up and running. It was a long, hard road, but we are glad that he stuck with his dream of bringing a kickboxing circuit training fitness routine to the masses.


Humble beginnings
Hudson discusses the difficulties of opening his own gym in the interview. Mainly he had to deal with starting his dream on a shoestring budget. In 2008, Hudson and his wife Heather co-founded 9Round Fitness. They had to borrow money and max out all their credit cards just to get the business up and running. They eventually found themselves stretched to the limits of their budget and unable to buy a sign for their building and without any money for a marketing budget. However, these little setbacks did not seem to bother the success of the 9Round brand because they were still able to sign up 100 members in the first month. They started down the franchise path only a year later in 2009, and 9Round has been growing steadily ever since.


Growth spurt
In the article, we learn that Shannon Hudson wanted to take his passion for kickboxing and add some inspiration from the Curves circuit training clubs to establish the kickboxing circuit training franchise. He also opted to leave out what many may say is the worst part of kickboxing, the part where you may get kicked or punched in the face. And, as we can see, his vision of a circuit training kickboxing gym has really taken off. As of today, 9Round has 220 locations open across 39 states in the US and has added four other countries to their lineup, which includes: Canada, Mexico, Australia and Saudi Arabia. 9Round is also experiencing major growth spurts. They are opening two to three clubs a week, and they have another 140 licenses currently in the process of becoming new franchisees. This all shows us just how popular and how successful the 9Round brand truly is.


    If you would like to view the article in depth, you can find it here. If you would like to find out more about 9Round or locate a 9Round gym near you, please feel free to visit our website.