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9Round Featured on Funky Fitness PDX Blog

9Round Portland Pearl District had the honor of giving one of their very own fitness bloggers Katrina “Ninjarina” an intro into 9Round's fitness concept. Kickboxing fitness routines are all the craze now. There are many different types of classes you can take ranging from the dancey aerobic type of kickboxing to the full contact sparring type of kickboxing. Katrina feels as if 9Round falls nicely in the middle. In her workout she enjoyed being able to gear up and go to town kicking and punching on the heavy bags, but at the same time, it can put your mind at ease knowing that you do not have to worry about taking a punch. She gives us her complete thoughts on her 9Round workout, what makes 9Round's fitness routine unique and the benefits of a 9Round fitness routine in her review on her blog, Funky Fitness PDX.


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First Impressions

When she walked through the doors and saw the boxing gloves hanging right in front of her, Katrina knew she was in the right place. She liked the fact that when you filled out your beginner's paperwork you got to choose a fighter name, and of course, she chose Ninjarina. She loved the chance to add her own little personal touch to her fitness routine. It can be the little things that can truly count in helping you stick to your fitness routine. Once you complete your paperwork and choose your fighter name, you are ready to begin your workout.


A unique fitness routine

9Round's fitness routine revolves around techniques from boxing and kickboxing that are performed in a circuit training format. There are nine different stations that last for three minutes each. According to Katrina the first couple of stations wee used to help her warm up and prepare for the workout ahead. The next few stations were more intense and then you get to move on to hitting the heavy bags. All the while a personal trainer is with you to watch your form and correct you if you become sloppy. You are also kept busy during the thirty seconds in between the rounds. You are constantly kept moving for the entire thirty minute workout. However, Katrina's favorite part of a 9Round fitness routine is the fact that you can come in any time during business hours and start a workout. There are no class times because of the circuit training format. You can come in and start your workout in the next three minute round.



There are many benefits to a 9Round workout. In only thirty minutes you can easily squeeze in a full body workout that is guaranteed to give you results. All of our workouts come with a certified 9Round trainer to supervise your workouts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fitness routine and using the proper form to stay injury free. However, Katrina's favorite benefit is the MYZONE heart rate monitor. This tool gives our members the chance to gauge how their workout is going by seeing their vitals on a screen. It can help you maximize your workout by staying in your top fat burning cardio zone or even compete with other members if that is your thing.


At the end of her thirty minute 9Round workout Katrina admitted that she was sweaty and pooped. She even attested that it was a kick-booty workout. 9Round prides itself on being able to give its members a convenient and effective way to reach their fitness goals. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, we encourage you to check out the same 9Round Katrina visited in Pearl District. If you are not in the Portland area do not worry there are 9Rounds everywhere. Check out our website to find the location nearest to you and feel free to take advantage of our first free trial workout. We look forward to helping you reach past your fitness goals.