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9Round Fitzroy Opens in Melbourne

9Round Fitzroy Opens in Melbourne

Australia’s latest fitness-circuit sensation has just arrived to Fitzroy, and they are hoping to kick things up a notch in our fitness scene. 9Round, a hugely successful kickboxing fitness franchise, has their sights set on taking over Australia’s fitness scene and are happy to announce that 9Round Fitzroy is up and running and ready to take on everyone’s fitness challenges. You can find the new 9Round conveniently located at 4/397 Smith Street Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 Australia. 9Round Fitzroy is ready to spread the 9Round fitness philosophy, help you achieve all of those supposedly unachievable fitness goals, spread the 9Round and leave their mark on Fitzroy Australia.


    9Round is a thirty minute kickboxing fitness routine that is bound to get your heart racing and those pounds melting away. In only thirty minutes you can get a full body workout that can burn up to five hundred calories. Since 9Round uses a circuit training format, there is no need to schedule your workout. You can come by anytime during business hours and start your new workout within three minutes. You will also have a certified 9Round trainer available to oversee and modify your workout as needed. There is a nutrition portal available online to help supplement your dietary needs to fit your fitness goals and your lifestyle. All of this is available from one fitness center, which makes it the best fit for your fitness needs.

    If you would like to learn more about 9Round Fitzroy, you can read this article on the urbanlist about them here. If you would like to find your nearest 9Round fitness center or learn more about their one of a kind fitness center, please visit their website. As always, 9Round looks forward to helping you get fit 9 rounds at a time.