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9Round Fort Oglethorpe’s Opening Earns Praises from Times Free Press

9Round Fort Oglethorpe’s Opening Earns Praises from Times Free Press

    9Round Fort Oglethorpe is now open and ready to get you in shape. The newest addition to the 9Round family is excited to spread the 9Round fitness philosophy and help their community get fit 9 rounds at a time. In fact, they were so excited they made sure their grand opening reached all of the members of their community by spreading the message through their local news at Times Free Press. The article focuses on the one of a kind fitness routine 9Round offers and how fast and convenient their workouts are.


    The new owner, Keri Davis, got her chance to sing her praises about 9Round’s fitness routine. As a member, Keri quickly fell in love with 9Round’s unique workout. She immediately got in touch with corporate headquarters to get approved for owning her own 9Round fitness center. Once she was approved and signed the lease, it only took five weeks to get her fitness center built and ready for her customers.


    She loves the fact that her customers can come in any time they are free and not have to worry about making a scheduled workout time. She also notes that even though your workout may only be thirty minutes that is all you need. Your very own 9Round trainer motivates you and pushes you to give it your all. At the end of your thirty minute workout, you should not be able to do it again. It is extremely intense and works your entire body. However, your 9Round trainers can modify the workout to fit any and everyone’s needs. This means a 9Round workout is perfect for everyone.


    If you would like to learn more about 9Round’s one of a kind fitness routine or find the nearest 9Round fitness center, please stop by our website. If you would like to read the article about 9Round Fort Oglethorpe, you can find it here. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you fit 9 rounds at a time.