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9Round Heads to the Windy City

Shannon "the Cannon" Hudson, Founder and CEO of 9Round Fitness Franchises, is pleased to announce that 9Round Franchising has awarded franchise rights to a joint venture composed of Tom Sagehorn Troy Wiseman & Chandler Wiseman to open 9Round Fitness Centers in Chicagoland.

Sagehorn is the president of 9Round Franchising, LLC and he will continue in this role. Troy was  co-founder of an international clothing company best known for it's B.U.M. brand of sportswear & athletic apparel & currently co-founder & CEO of EcoPlanet Bamboo. The operating manager will be Chandler Wiseman, a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler and son of Troy. Chandler will be moving back to Chicago to run the first Chicagoland 9Round Fitness Center in June.

Said Chandler, "I was drawn to 9Round because it is a full body 30 min workout. Few places offer that and with a combat sports background it sounded perfect for me. Going through the 9Round circuit workout really showed me that anybody can walk trough the doors of that gym and achieve any goals they have set for themselves physically. Being a former division one wrestler, I have done every workout you can think of and this one appeals to the largest group of people. After the 9Round Discovery Day was over I realized I needed to be more than just a member of this gym, I needed my own. I'm looking forward to getting Chicago fit 9 rounds at a time!"

Said Shannon Hudson, the composition of this venture is awesome. Troy brings his vision and entrepreneurial experience with Tom's experience in franchise development and management. Troy founded B.U.M. athletic clothing when he was 20. He grew this into one of the world's leading brands in athletic wear. Now he is one of the worlds biggest bamboo plantation owners using the business to employ people in underdeveloped countries and at the same time making for a 'greener" world.

Said Shannon, we are really looking forward to their efforts to expand 9Round in Chicago and to Chandler's leadership and energy. He is a mature young adult and will be a big success in the fitness industry.

9Round now has 24 gyms open and 10 more franchise owned gyms in development. If you would like to know more about 9Round franchises, please contact Tom Sagehorn at tom@9round.com or 847-217-5996.