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9Round Houston Featured in Houstonia Magazine

9Round Houston Featured in Houstonia Magazine

Andrea Park of Houstonia Magazine recently got the chance to experience her first 9Round workout and find out what 9Round is all about. She loved the fact that you do not have to have a preset class schedule. She reminds her readers that she knows how busy Houstonians can be and knows that we can all get caught up at work, school, in traffic and family life. It can be hard trying to fit in a workout in today’s busy world, but 9Round being a circuit training type of workout has put together an easy solution for this easy excuse. You can come in at your own pace and jump in on the next rotation within three minutes. The workout is also full body and lasts only thirty minutes, which means you can get visible results quickly from a workout that only takes thirty minutes out of your day. This all adds up to an effective fun workout that is easy to fit into anyone’s schedule.


    By the end of the workout, Andrea could not believe she was done. The workout went by rather quickly, but, needless to say, she was exhausted from working out at such a fast pace. However, she also noted that she also felt relaxed, which is fairly common after such a fun and active work out. She recommends for first-timers to look into the proper stance before heading to their local 9Round; however, every 9Round has 9Round certified trainers that can help guide you through the proper form and help you achieve the best workout possible that will meet all your fitness needs and goals. 


    If you would like to read the full article and find out more about Andrea’s workout, you can find it here. If you would like to learn more about a 9Round workout or find a location near you to experience your first workout for free, do not hesitate to visit our website