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9Round Invites You to Its 3rd Annual Kick-A-Thon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and 9Round wants to do its part in finding a cure. On October 16th, 9Round will be hosting its third annual Kick-a-thon. We are hoping current members and nonmembers alike will join us on this special day. Everyone is invited to help us come together and focus on finding a cure. In 2012 and 2013, 80% of all 9Round locations around the nation participated, and we are hoping to achieve a higher participation percentage this year! So, check with your local 9Round to ensure that they are participating and plan on stopping by October 16th to show your support.


How it Works

Our Kick-A-Thon will last all day on Thursday, October 16th. Every club will have a special workout that day that will have extra “KICKY-NESS” because that day, it’s all about the KICKS! The more kicks, the better! Each kick performed will be worth a penny. For example, a thousand kicks will be worth ten dollars, and this ten dollar donation would go straight to your local breast cancer charity foundation. The average amount of kicks per club last year was 100,000, which is a $1,000 donation for Breast Cancer Awareness. A penny a kick can really add up, especially when you look at approximately 150 9Round locations across the country that will be participating. So, stop by and help us outdo last year's kick total. Our goal this year? 5 million kicks!

Don't Forget the Extras

9Round will also be selling Kick-A-Thon t-shirts and pink hand wraps to help support the search for a cure for Breast Cancer. These special shirts have a place to hand write the name of someone near and dear to you that may be fighting the battle of breast cancer right now, and you can write that you are kicking for them! This is a very emotional event for many.

How to Save Money

New members will also be able to earn money off of their memberships depending on how many kicks they do. Check with your local 9Round to see what their discount may be for this day.

If you’re already a member, come out, get a great workout as usual, but you’ll also be supporting the cause by doing extra kicks with us!

We hope to see you at your local 9Round on October 16th to help Kick For A Cure and join in all the fun that a 9Round kickboxing fitness routine has to offer. If you have any questions about our annual kick-a-thon feel free to stop by or call your local 9Round gym, and they will be more than happy to answer all your questions.