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9Round is All Right: RIGHT Business Model, RIGHT Industry, RIGHT Concept, RIGHT Time

9Round is All Right: RIGHT Business Model, RIGHT Industry, RIGHT Concept, RIGHT Time

Jen Jones

We’re not going to lie, business ownership is tough. It takes time, money, dedication, and a lot of hard work. But that doesn’t mean that business ownership has to be complicated. In fact, with the right systems in place, a concept that makes sense in a growing industry, and an established support system, it can be (dare we say it?) SIMPLE.

Just to be clear, we didn’t say that it would be easy. We’re saying that business ownership doesn’t have to be as difficult as some entrepreneurs make it. The beauty of investing your money in a franchise is that you get a proven business model, instant brand recognition, and the support of a team of experts to help you succeed. As a franchisee, you can avoid the costly mistakes that negatively impact your bottom line and skip the process of trial and error that could impede your progress, because the franchisor has already worked out the kinks for you.

That being said, choosing the right franchise – a franchise that you’ll be passionate about – is crucial to your success. A significant amount of time should be spent researching franchise opportunities before you decide, from the investment required to the satisfaction and success of current franchisees, and many factors in between. Here are just a few things to consider when looking for a franchise to invest in:

     - Is the required investment doable with your financial resources? Are financing options available?
     - Will it provide you with the lifestyle you imagined?
     - Does it use your particular skills and experience, and/or is it something you’re passionate about?
     - Does the brand provide a recession-resistant product or service?
     - Are the majority of its franchisees happy and successful?
     - Is the corporate team an experienced and enthusiastic staff of personnel who will help you achieve your dreams of business ownership success?

9Round is among the fastest growing franchises in the world, and has the infrastructure and right business model to support such growth. In addition to expert support, from marketing to franchise coaching, 9Round’s turn-key system makes it simple to own and operate. Fitness is a $30 billion industry and people are prioritizing their health and wellness now more than ever. Fitness is the right industry, and it’s not going away. What is going away, however, are the people who have hours to spend in the gym and hundreds of dollars to spend each month on personal trainers. 9Round’s 30-minute circuit training model allows members to fit in a workout in a world where overscheduling is common and just finding time to eat is a concern. Monthly membership fees are affordable and each workout is led by a certified 9Round trainer, making 9Round the right concept at the right time.

9Round checks many other boxes on the lists of aspiring business owners, including a low total investment that averages under $100,000. Additionally, each club can operate with as few as 2-4 employees, and the relatively small footprint (1200 SF on average) and absence of costly fitness equipment to maintain keeps overhead low. With the support of a Home Office team that boasts over 40 years of fitness and franchising experience, franchisees are coached every step of the way and most 9Round locations open the doors with a minimum of 100 paying clients. For entrepreneurs looking to invest their time and money into an established, growing brand that appeals to the masses, 9Round is all right.

For more in-depth information on 9Round franchising opportunities, visit the 9Round website here. With more than 650 locations worldwide, and interest growing every day, territories are going fast. Contact 9Round today to secure your future!