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9Round Is Coming to Pickens, SC

Get ready Pickens, SC. You are about to become the newest town to be taken over by 9Round. Our newest location is set to open on July 1st at 113 W Main St. Pickens, SC 29671. We will be conveniently located on Main St. directly across from Pizza Hut. The new owners Graydon Lockard and Michelle Money are a brother-sister team that is ready to help Pickens, SC experience what a 9Round fitness routine is all about. So, hold on tight and get ready to experience the fitness craze that has been sweeping the nation.



The 9Round fitness experience

At 9Round we want to help all of our members achieve their fitness goals. We use an effective and convenient fitness format to do this. Our routines combine elements from boxing and kickboxing to give you a full body workout in only thirty minutes. We follow a circuit training format that is comprised of nine challenging stations that last for three minutes each. This format eliminates the need for class times, so you do not have to schedule in an exact time for your workout. You can come by any time and know that you will be able to jump in during the next three minute interval. This intense workout that guarantees results, requires no class times and lasts for only thirty minutes is extremely popular among those that have hectic schedules.


The new owners

Graydon and Michelle both grew up being active in sports, but as all of us soon find out, it became harder for them to keep up with their fitness routines as they got older. Life just kind of takes over and as you age ,you have more and more responsibilities that can cause a lot of scheduling conflicts. And, before you know it, you have become sucked into a sedentary lifestyle and begin to gain weight. In 2013 Michelle became a member of 9Round Easley. She immediately realized that this was just the fitness routine that she needed to get back into shape. She has lost 20 pounds and feels as if she is in the best shape of her life. She knew she couldn't keep this a secret, so she introduced her brother Graydon to 9Round. He knew immediately that this was something that he could really get into. He was right. In his first month he lost 11 pounds and did not look back. Now they want everyone to know the joys of being a 9Round member and encourage you to stop by 9Round Pickens, so they can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Grand opening

The 9Round Pickens Grand Opening is scheduled for July 1st at noon. It will be held at the gym on 113 W Main St. in downtown Pickens. Michelle and Graydon would love to see you attend. There will be prizes, and attendees can try out a free workout. You can also join the gym and get your first month half off. The normal price per month is $49 for unlimited workouts, so this is a great deal for everyone. They also have a pre-opening special. You can email Michelle at michelle.money@9round.com, and the first twenty five members to sign up will receive a special gift.


If you would like more information on 9Round Pickens be sure to visit our website or facebook page. If you have any unanswered questions or concerns you can contact us through our website, call us at (864) 507-3142 or stop by and one of our trainers will be more than happy to help you. Please feel free to come by and take advantage of your first free trial workout, and as always we look forward to helping you get fit one hit at a time.