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9Round Is for Everyone

9Round Is for Everyone

    Most of us know how intimidating it can be going to the gym. We may feel embarrassed or like we do not measure up to others who seem as if they have been working out their entire life. I know it can be hard trying to venture courageously into the unknown. However, for author Chris Abraham, working out should not be one of those things. He wants others to remind him that 9Round is not like this. It is, in fact, for everyone, and he should never use the typical I am intimidated to go to the gym excuse to get out of his 9Round workout.


    In his article “9Round is for everyone — I need to remember that” he wants his readers to remind him to never avoid the gym because of his many fears. He even lists the reasons why 9Round is the perfect gym for everyone. He states that you do not need to be in the best shape of your life to join. 9Round is famous for helping people get back into shape. A 9Round trainer can easily customize your workout to fit your needs and your fitness level, and you do not have to immediately jump into doing all nine rounds. You can go at your own pace and complete as many rounds as you feel comfortable. It may only be four or five to start, but you will eventually find yourself working through all nine. You also do not need to have any kickboxing experience. A 9Round trainer will be with you at all times to help you through each and every move to ensure you are working out properly and getting the best results possible.


    A 9Round workout can be a lot of hard work, but it is also fun. You can listen to great music while you kick and punch your way through nine rounds of intense activity. What could be more stress relieving than letting go of all your daily frustrations on a heavy bag?  If you are unsure of a 9Round fitness routine, we invite you to stop by one of our fitness centers where you can enjoy your first trial workout on us. If you would like to read Chris Abraham’s article about his 9Round experience, you can find it here. And, as always, we look forward to getting you fit 9 rounds at a time.