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9Round Kickboxing Comes to Anderson SC and Connecticut

Helen Bush

Here we grow again!!  9Round Kickboxing just awarded it's 17th and 18th gym.  The first was to Katie Owens (fighter name KO) for Anderson SC.  This is a growing market with a franchisee that is motivated.  Katie is a current member of the Easley 9Round and caught the bug to join the 9Round Nation.  "She just graduated from Clemson University and now she ownes her own business.  This "IS" the American dream." Says founder Shannon Hudson.  The next gym that is in development was awarded to Tina "TOUGH LOVE" Valaouras and her husband Shaun.  This dynamic duo will be putting their gym in Branford Connecticut.  They both have an extensive Fitness and Martial Arts background.  "This is the 6th State we have expanded to and we are proud to have those guys take the lead on the New England market" state's Tom Sagehorn President of 9Round Franchising.  The train keeps rolling on, with no end in sight.  Getting America Fit, 9Rounds at A Time!!

Helen Bush
Helen Bush is a self employed fitness writer who works with many health and fitness blogs. At a young age she discovered her passion for fitness and encouraging others. Helen enjoys being active and loves working out. In her middle and high school years she played an active part in her school basketball teams. Now she loves to study and participate in dance to help her stay active and fit. Her main goal is to help motivate others and push them to reach their fitness goals.