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9Round Member Whitney Featured in Womens Health

9Round Member Whitney Featured in Womens Health

We all know it can be hard to lose weight. Many things can come up and slow or stall us from accomplishing our weight loss goals. It is easy to get caught up in everyday life and the many excuses we use to deter us from losing weight, and this is exactly what had happened to Whitney, a 9Round member. You can see her full weight loss journey featured in this month’s Womens Health. 


Whitney was no stranger to being overweight. Her weight had actually fluctuated all her life, but she was usually about 150 pounds, which was not ideal for her 5’2” frame. After giving birth to her son three years ago, she had a few people in her family suffering from some serious health problems and found herself turning to food to cope with stress and family issues. She noted that when she felt bad about her weight, she would only eat more. She was caught in a downward spiral.


She knew something had to change, and about a year ago things did. She began a new job, and one of her new coworkers told her about 9Round, the gym right across the street. The coworker invited her to try it out with them, and the rest is history. She lost ten pounds in the first month and thought to herself what if I change my diet and cut out all those unnecessary foods. After revamping her diet and staying on a regular workout routine, she felt more energized. The biggest reward was weighing in at only 130 pounds eleven months after starting her new fitness routine.


    If you would like to learn more about Whitney’s weight loss journey and see her tips for achieving your weight loss goals, you can find it here. If you are interested in trying out a free trial workout at 9Round, feel free to stop by our website to find the closest location to you. We look forward to helping you get fit 9 rounds at a time.