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9Round Moves Up 141 Spots in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Rankings

Shannon Hudson

It is a great accomplishment for any franchise to be listed in Entrepreneur magazine's top 500 franchises. In 2013 9Round was listed as 443 in the top 500 franchises, but in the new list Entrepreneur magazine just released, 9Round has moved up to 302. It is a big jump and a great success for 9Round. This shows entrepreneurs that want to break into the fitness industry that 9Round is the way to go. 9Round has a great success record and a proven business model that is beneficial to anyone that is interested in starting their own fitness business.


    9Round has grown to almost one hundred locations in twenty nine states. The company was started in 2008 and only began franchising in 2009. In less than five years, it has experienced major growth. 9Round founder and CEO Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson stated, “As one of the nation’s fastest growing fitness franchises in the United States, we are honored that our program is receiving such critical validation, and we expect that moving up on Entrepreneur magazine's list will help us continue to expand our presence, as we do our part to get America fit and healthy.”


    9Round offers a great business model with a low overhead to its franchisees. The overhead is kept low by having a minimal staff and only the essential fitness equipment. Usually, a 9Round gym can be run by one or two employees. The square footage of each gym is small and organized by nine distinct fitness stations. There is no complicated machinery like treadmills or stationary bikes to have to maintain. 9Round's fitness system focuses on a full body workout using all the bags of boxing and kickboxing along with dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.


About 9Round:

    9Round is a one of a kind fitness center that incorporates techniques from boxing and kickboxing. You are trained as if you are a professional fighter. Our workouts center around nine challenging stations that give our clients a full body workout in only thirty minutes. Our circuit training format makes getting a workout in simple, as there is no need to schedule a workout. Our clients are able to walk in whenever they can find the time for a workout. All workouts are overseen by our certified 9Round trainers. Our trainers are with you throughout your workout to ensure you are performing each move correctly. There is no need to have any experience in boxing or kickboxing because our trainers can tailor your workout to fit everyone's fitness level and fitness needs. 9Round guarantees their fitness routine will get you the results that you crave.