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9Round North Babylon is Ready to Help You Get Fit

We have great news for the community of North Babylon, New York. 9Round North Babylon is up and running and ready to get you fit one hit at a time. They officially opened on June 3rd and are located at 1150 Deer Park Avenue North Babylon, New York 11703 in the Sunset Plaza/ King Kullen shopping center. They are only two doors down from GNC. The new owner Darren Hollins is excited to benefit from owning his own business and help his community at the same time. Hollins can not wait to experience the feeling of knowing that his business has had a positive effect on someone's life and influenced them to live a healthier lifestyle.



Meet the owner

Darren Hollins has worked for the City for over 31 years, and the last 15 years, he has been in IT. He has a passion for fitness and has been involved in sports since he was a kid. He played football and basketball when he was in school. Then, as he got older, he worked out with free weights and elliptical machines in order to stay in shape. He also loves to ride his road bike outdoors and has even done a few bike tours ranging from 25 to 46 miles. He chose 9Round because he wanted to get into the fitness industry and get back into shape. He liked the idea of getting an effective workout in only 30 minutes with no class times. The personal trainer and nutrition guide were a great addition too. The fact that there is a lot of variety and guidance also helps you to market to different age groups and fitness levels. This means you can help people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.


Pricing options

Not only is 9Round North Babylon convenient and effective, but it is also very affordable. In fact, there are many different pricing options available. There is $99 startup fee, which includes your first month's payment, gloves, hand wraps, a key tag and access to 9Round Nutrition. Then it is $99 a month. There is a 2 month minimum, but you can cancel anytime by giving a 30 days notice. You could also opt for one of our package deals. There is a six month membership plan, which consists of the $99 startup fee for the first month and $89 per month for the remaining five months. There is also a 12 month membership plan consisting of the $99 startup fee and $79 per month for the remaining eleven months. However, if you decide to pay in full for your membership plans, you can save even more. You can get the six month membership for only $435, a 20% savings, and the twelve month membership will only be $725, a savings of 25%.


Darren Hollins is looking forward to making 9Round a household name in the he Long Island/New York City Market. He wants to turn 9Round North Babylon into the best kickboxing fitness gym on Long Island, so stop by today to experience your first free trial workout on us. If you have any questions about a 9Round fitness routine, you can stop by our location, call us at 631 - 940 – 4960 or contact us through our website. If you would like to stay up to date with our latest gym news, specials and promotions feel free to like us on our facebook page. We look forward to helping you get fit 9 rounds at a time.