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Franchise News

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9Round Recognized for Their Middle East Movement

    According to an article featured on franchising.com, 9Round is ready to venture into the Middle East. As one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the US, 9Round can not wait to expand into the Middle East and get their company on the fast track to becoming a global power in the fitness industry. Their first international franchise successfully opened in 2014 in Canada and is seeing great popularity and amazing numbers. There is also another Canadian 9Round planning to open soon and even more in the works. 9Round wants to become known as the place to get in shape and achieve those unattainable fitness goals across the globe, and this new Middle Eastern franchise deal is a huge stepping stone for 9Round to accomplish this goal.



Plans for the Middle East

9Round has signed a new franchise agreement with the Saudi Arabia-based Al Munif Holding Company for the development of one hundred clubs in seven different countries across the Middle East. This growth spurt is expected to take the next ten years to fully complete, but it will be worth the wait for those hoping to use our new fitness centers to help them get back into shape. This agreement marks the first expansion in the Middle East for 9Round and will feature new fitness centers in the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain. The first 9Round fitness center in the Middle East is set to open in March 2015 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There will be two more fitness centers to follow by the end of the year, including one in Dubai. This new development marks a big moment in the history of 9Round, and we can not wait to share our fitness philosophy with those in the Middle East.


    9Round has officially signed international agreements in Canada, Mexico and Australia. According to Shannon Hudson, the CEO and founder of 9Round, "this development agreement is our first major expansion in the Middle East and expands our unopened international pipeline to more than three hundred clubs." Hudson also stated that by partnering with the right franchise partners, they are making significant progress in expanding the 9Round brand internationally, and they could not be more excited to help the world get fit 9 rounds at a time.