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9Round Statesville Offers Residents a New Fitness Option

9Round Statesville Offers Residents a New Fitness Option

Statesville is known for its many fitness options, and many residents take advantage of the wooded trails, tennis courts and other multiple fitness options available to them. However, with the opening of 9Round Statesville on March 28th, there is a new fitness opportunity available to this fitness oriented community. As one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world, 9Round Statesville hopes to add some excitement to their community and give the residents of Statesville a new and innovative way to achieve their fitness goals.


    The new owner of 9Round Statesville Diana Brush is no stranger to the kickboxing community. She taught kickboxing for three years in Charlotte and is now excited to be learning the ropes of owning her own business. She can not wait to spread 9Round’s one of a kind fitness philosophy to the residents of Statesville. 


    There are many benefits to choosing 9Round as your gym that she also shared in the article on, such as the popularity and immense growth of the 9Round brand. The fact that anyone can benefit from a 9Round fitness routine no matter their age or fitness level is another bonus. A 9Round trainer can customize your workout to fit any and everyone’s fitness level and needs. Workouts only last for thirty minutes and work your entire body. Your wait time is minimal, as a new workout starts every three minutes. The fact that workouts are short and start so quickly make the need to schedule your workout nonexistent. It is amazing to find a place that can work with your schedule that offers a workout that gets you results quickly. Diana is sure that anyone who stops by for their first free trial workout will fall in love with 9Round and all they have to offer.


    If you would like to learn more about 9Round’s unique fitness routines or find a 9Round in your area, please stop by our website. If you would like to read the article about 9Round Statesville in full, you can check it out here. And, as always, we can not wait to hear from you and help you get fit 9 rounds at a time.