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9Round Virginia Beach Is Now Open

9Round is proud to announce the newest member of the 9Round family. 9Round Virginia Beach is now up and running. They hit a few snags along the way and their March 31st opening was delayed until April 8th. However, everything is completely operational now. We are conveniently located at 2301 Urchin Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23451 and encourage you to stop by and experience our one of a kind fitness routines. The first trial workout is always on us to help you get an idea of what our fitness routines will involve before you become a member.

9Round focuses on techniques from boxing and kickboxing and uses a circuit training format revolving around nine challenging fitness stations. Each station will last for three minutes. Because of our format we can offer our members a thirty minute full body workout with no class times. You can come by at your convenience because a new workout starts every three minutes. 9Round Virginia Beach offers its clients a month of unlimited workouts for only $49, which includes the gloves and wraps, a certified 9Round trainer to oversee all of your fitness routines and a convenient online nutrition guide to help you maintain a healthy diet and give a little added boost your weight loss results.

The new owners of 9Round Virginia Beach, Jenna and Jeff Brown are no strangers to the 9Round fitness concept. They are the current owners of 9Round Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, VA. They enjoyed owning their first 9Round so much that they could not wait to open their second location. They are happy to be helping the members of their Virginia community reach their health and fitness goals. It can be truly inspiring to see how much of a change you can make in someone's life just by showing them a way that can actually work in helping them lose weight and achieve an overall healthier self. They are looking forward to successfully running their two franchises, and who knows, maybe opening more in the future.

If you would like more information on 9Round Virginia Beach or would like to stay up to date on any current gym news feel free to stop by their website or their facebook page. You can also stop by their location or call them with any questions or concerns at 757-321-2933. We look forward to hearing from you and can not wait to give you the chance to experience the 9Round fitness concept. We know you will be hooked just as we were.

If you are wanting to take the plunge and are interested in owning your own 9Round fitness franchise take a second to look at our franchise web page. We have many answers to the most common questions our future franchise owners have, and if we do not address any questions or concerns you may have you can contact us directly through the website. If you like what you see and can not wait to get in on owning your very own 9Round franchise, you should go ahead and fill out the request for consideration form to get on the fast track to owning your own business.