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9Round World Convention: What The Focus

9Round World Convention: What The Focus

Jen Jones

Many companies in the franchising world have stopped having conventions, and though the choice may save a few dollars, 9Round sees it as a more than worth-while investment. 9Round’s annual convention gets people excited, boosts morale and team spirit, helps people create better connections, and opens new pathways to learning and professional development that ultimately have a dramatic impact on the business. Sure, a convention creates cost and a lot of work to plan and execute successfully, but the rewards are significant.

9Round uses its World Convention to get everyone on the same page, provide a venue for sharing major announcements and opportunities, and give franchisees extra tools to succeed through specialized training, breakout sessions and workshops. These gatherings humanize everyone in the company, from key leadership to franchisees in neighboring territories who have a lot to learn from one another. When done well, franchise conventions energize everyone, inspiring them to uncover a fresh wave of passion and rediscover the “why” in what they do. And that’s exactly what happened at the 2017 9Round World Convention, hosted in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.


We know what you’re thinking, “WTF??” But you read it right, this year’s convention theme was “What the Focus.” A theme gives speakers, activities and breakout sessions more direction and structure, and this year was all about FOCUS. 9Round founders, Shannon and Heather Hudson, have found the principles and teachings of entrepreneur and success mentor, Darren Hardy, to be very helpful on their journey and wanted to share this wisdom with franchisees. In addition to breakout sessions and activities planned around the theme, Darren Hardy himself took to the convention’s main stage to help 9Rounders find their focus.

FOCUS on Culture
Conventions are the time to help people bond through meaningful conversations and new memories, but that doesn’t always have to happen in a controlled, conference room environment. Facilitated learning and sharing is an awesome start, but there is also a lot to be said for some built-in leisure time. 9Round franchisees enjoyed socializing at cocktail hour, exploring beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina, and sharing ideas over coffee and meal breaks. “We believe that a franchise is strongest when franchisees know one another well and are comfortable sharing lessons and asking each other for support,” Shannon Hudson said, continuing that, “we see our World Convention as a way to bridge communication gaps that can get in the way of wins.”

FOCUS on the Future
As one of the world’s fastest growing fitness franchises, 9Round is looking ahead to bigger, better things for the future. The company recently celebrated the opening of its 500th location, and entry into two new international markets, expanding their presence to a total of 11 countries. With plans to open 150 more locations in 2017 and have 1,000 open locations by the end of 2018, 9Round is looking ahead to a very bright future.

Some exciting future plans were shared with franchisees at convention, including the roll out of a new line of 9Round Nutrition supplements, to include protein powders and bars, energy and women’s supplements, and more. Additionally, 9Round turned to a dancing Elvis impersonator to unveil plans to host the 2018 9Round World Convention in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

Technology provides incredible opportunities to help a franchise maintain its culture, but it is no substitute for the power of a face-to-face event. Every franchise has a different culture that defines the brand and how it feels to be part of the team. In that spirit, 9Round views its annual World Convention not just as a professional development or team-building opportunity, but as a kind of family reunion.

For more information on becoming part of the 9Round franchise family, click here.