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9Round's Fitness Philosophy Takes Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Storm

Look out Sioux Falls. The hottest new fitness concept is headed your way. 9Round Sioux Falls officially opened on August 4th. The new owners Corey and Kayla Willis could not wait to introduce their hometown to this exciting and unique fitness philosophy. The grand opening is actually scheduled for September 4th at 11:00 A.M. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by the Chamber of Commerce and prize drawings for new and current members. There will also be a number of opening specials such as $499.00 for 12 months paid in full or $299.00 for 6 months paid in full with more specials to be named later. The grand opening will be held at the gym located at 1216 E 57th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57108 in the Oak Ridge Plaza next to Supercuts.



What we offer

9Round wants everyone to experience a quick and convenient workout that can give them results fast. We love helping our members succeed and pride ourselves on going the extra mile. 9Round offers its members a full body workout in only thirty minutes. We combine techniques from boxing and martial arts and incorporate them into a circuit training format. We use nine stations to work different areas of your body. Each station lasts for three minutes, and then you move on to the next station. This type of format allows us to eliminate class schedules. This means that any time our clients can squeeze in a thirty minute workout, all they have to do is go to their local 9Round and jump in during the next available station. Our certified 9Round trainers are also with you throughout your fitness routine at no added cost to you. They will be coaching you on how to properly perform each move, motivate you to push past your limits and tailoring your workouts to fit your fitness level and goals. However, 9Round knows that getting back into shape is not all about exercising but also improving your diet. That is why every member has access to our online nutrition guide. Here you can find a detailed nutrition plan based on your body type, healthy recipes and access to our online Nutrition Coach, Dr. Kattouf, who will be more than happy to help you with any of your nutritional questions or concerns.


The new owners

Corey and Kayla Willis are no strangers to the fitness world. Corey earned a degree in health and human performance with a k-12 teaching option. He was a PE teacher, football and wrestling coach in Billings, MT. He was a state champion in wrestling, played football at the college level and went undefeated as a mixed martial artist. Kayla is a full time Dental Hygienist from Sioux Falls, SD. She is a graduate of Washington High School, right here in Sioux Falls. When she married Corey, she married into his fitness lifestyle. When she isn’t working or taking care of their 4 month old daughter, Kinsley Nicole, she loves to train people and workout herself. They both fell in love with the 9Round fitness concept, especially the fact that the workouts change daily. They knew it would be a perfect fit for their hometown and their love of fitness. They can not wait to spread the 9Round fitness philosophy to Sioux Falls and hope that in three months they will have at least 200 members. They also look forward to growing their fitness center in the years to come.


    If you would like more information on 9Round Sioux Falls fitness routines please feel free to come by the gym, call us at 605-274-9977 or visit our website. You can also stop by to experience your first 9Round workout free. It can give you a little taste of what we are all about before you have to make a final decision. If you want to stay up to date on 9Round Sioux Falls' gym news and grand opening please like us on facebook. We can't wait to see you and help you achieve your fitness goals one round at a time.